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Making the panorama, Rubber Hits the Wood

The idea came while walking along a path. I photographed splintered wood by the road, bicycle wheel in the studio, and car wheel in a parking lot.

Here are the technical details of my work on a Macintosh Dual 2.7 GHz PowerPC G5 computer.

Assembling the photos in Photoshop, I converted the wheels from Polar to Rectangular using the Distort/Polar Coordinates filter. Stretched each wheel to the proportion 1 high x 4 wide. Placed the bicycle hub at the top of a 2 high x 4 wide equirectangular canvas. Rotated the car wheel 180 degrees and placed it at the bottom. Cropped the splintered wood to the proportion of the canvas. Blurred the seams in ImageReady, using the Other/Tile Maker filter, blending edges width 5 percent. Pasted the wood as layer over the wheels. Cut out the center strip and twist of wood to stay on top. Transparentized the remaining wood to reveal the wheels below.

Created a Java Applet panorama at with the source image. To get the correct values for the initial view, I panned, rolled, and zoomed to the place. Leaving the mouse over the panorama and pressing "v" on the keyboard reported the values in the status bar at the bottom of the browser window.

Used the values in making the panorama in MakeCubic. Added copyright and "Saved as" in QuickTime Pro 7.1.3. That obliterated the Fast Start. I was able to make a slightly larger Full-Screen version.

See the Rubber Hits the Wood page introduction.


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