Note: See World Wide Panorama page (these movies need to be updated).

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Rubber Hits the Wood (small QTVR)

Requires QuickTime. See immersive imaging for help, info, and all other immersive imaging, including QuickTime VR movies, at Wholeo Online.

How about seeing the panorama for its own sake (as in "art for art's sake")? Spin in and out. Up and down. Fast and slow. Try panning around with one hand, while using Shift and Ctrl on the keyboard, the other hand zooms in and out. Spend some time at each pole, spinning around the center. Each variety of interaction is a different experience. The visual experience does not have to represent something. See if you can get into it. Be transported. Let yourself go.

Note: See World Wide Panorama page (these movies need to be updated). See a Full-Screen and resizable version of this panorama (1MB). See also an explanation of how I made this panorama. See the Rubber Hits the Wood page introduction for a description of this project. For the WWP project, see the World Wide Panorama page, public on 2006-10-09. Entry in FILE logo 2007.

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