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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. This topic envisions Tetrahedronal Light Muscles (TLMs) sending blessings. Blessings are a special kind of healing, when you consciously accelerate wishes for goodness flowing from all or nothing through you to something or everything. It is part of a series visualizing the workings of TLMs, listed under the Trips / Imagine / Evolution / Consciousness / Between section.

Trips are cyber travels envisioning, encountering, and interacting with worlds, seen as inner or outer or both. This is a both trip. The outer world in photographs is a beach at Deer Lake State Park in Florida, USA. Specifically it is the area seen across the lake from the March 2004 equinox panorama. The blowing sand ripples and rhythmic waves resonate with the ecology of mind. The inner world is a single muscle TLMing, seen within the outline of a Pineal hologram, open to the changing scene. Within you and without you; remember the Beatles song?

Imagine topics might at first look like Art or Travel, tuning in to shared reality as a base for flights into the unknown. This trip requires you to imagine seeing part of your mind as it sends a blessing.

Evolution starts on normal ground and traces expansion. Consciousness is expanding. The TLM series focuses on the structure of a normal muscle and attempts to see its actions. This one is Between; 3D is normal human consciousness, 5D is expanded, between is transitional. This one is zoomed into the muscle as it might look if you were at the beach sending a blessing.

There are three ways to see it: Adobe Flash panoramic movie, Flash animation, or graphics.

Adobe Flash is best way to see the muscle movie on the beach panorama:

Graphic with a Flash animationtrack

Graphics (still views of the movie)

Previously this was a QuickTime VR (QTVR) presentation. The following movies show the beach, not the vision. Note: See World Wide Panorama page (these movies need to be updated).

QT Flash NOTIf you have QuickTime 7.1.3+ ,see the announcement. QTVRs were the best way to see the movie, a panorama with a Flash track, that is not now visible. The sizes affect resolution - the amount of detail you can see when you zoom in. The playback window sizes are all the same.

I revisited the site of making this panorama, deepening ties, until giving it the name "Blessings Beach". See the crabs at Blessings Beach and images at Blessings Beach. In 2009 the site is roped off on Blessings Beach.

See the Deer Lake State Park page (#5 on the map) or specifically the March 2004 equinox . I invented or discovered TLMs in the late 1960s; cross-references to TLM expand the topic. Back to the TLM series under consciousness. I entered this project in the World Wide Panorama, Best of 2005. See other WWP entries.

TLM blessings onshore

Note: the TLM animation offsets the beach background, which was a QuickTime 7 bug or feature.
The displacement emphasizes the "mind's eye" concept.

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