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A Tetrahedronal Light Muscle (TLM, also called Tetrahedral) is part of a brain cell and powers it from within. A simple image of a TLM is at the beginning of the introduction you can take on entry to the Wholeo Online site. TLMs evolve with consciousness.


For an early description of TLMs in standard brain cells, see Wonder in Aliceland, specifically this page and following. Since TLMs expand and differentiate themselves as consciousness expands, the development of the topic parallels my use of mediums. Start back in the relatively dark age of real world materials such as oil painting, stained glass, ink, pencil, and paper. Progress to photocopying images and printing books. Enter the computer world of digitizing images, archiving documents, and linking multimedia, hypertext, and the world wide web, summed up in web movies. See also energy, tetrahedron, and Synergetic's books sections 620 and 625 by R. Buckminster Fuller. Geometrically the form is called a duo-tet or stella-octangula.


This painting from the period 1968 - 1972 shows a cross-section of a Brain Cell. The dotted area stretching vertically around the center is the TLM.

Stained Glass

For a guide to the TLM in Wholeo, the stained glass dome of 1974, see this page: Trips/Wholeo/GlassDome/sitoExtension/sunPath/whSunPtlmGuide.htm.

Imagine a Flash movie of the TLM stretched between the light crosses glass panel, continuing what I did in this graphic.

A sculpture showing the TLM in a Haptihedon or Movey, as part of the Expansion of Consciousness window of 1981. See also a study for the TLM sculpture, with mirror and stained glass, copper-foiled.


After erecting Wholeo in 1976, TLMs appear in black and white photocopied books.

Models and Movies

Some of the models are photographs of real models, some are computer graphics. But they are moving. Each of the following pages contains links to related pages, mostly not listed here.

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