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Healing hands
If channeling is an exchange of healing energy, then what is energy? Not stuff. Press the "Back" button. Or wait a minute. I can't get away with defining energy as not something, even though scientific explanations seem to boil down to not that.

Here's a explanation of energy quoted from a former website (

"It is now believed that the body is composed of electrical, acoustic, magnetic, and subtle Tachyon energy. In fact, Tachyon energy has been referred to in almost every religious teaching in history. Prana, Chi, Spiritual Energy, Universal Life Force Energy, Aura and Zero Point Energy are just a few of the names used to describe this subtle energy that permeates all life."

I would add "ether" as an energy form previously used by scientists. Scientists have measured tachyon particles as faster than the speed of light. Hmm, I envision that speed as a function of a tetrahedronal light muscle (TLM). A TLM is part of a normal brain cell and the overall structure of consciousness. But aren't particles stuff? I find the Tachyon Energy site description works for energy, but the tachyon part is problematic.


Verbal explanations help but eventually lead to more questions. To fill the void, I present a visually-oriented experience of blue energy. It is an art work. It cross-references this page, reminding me that ultimately there is no way out of the question and answer loop. On a virtual visit to the Gaia point, recycle through the zero point. Bathe in blue energy. And do the earth current dance walk. I call it the eNrGy or NrG walk. That play with word letters is based on the "call it or see it like you hear it" principle. Yeah.

That experience is not the only reference to energy in Wholeo Online. See also Healing Energy under the Whole Self section.

Energy crisis

This morning I read a message,
"one car in one hour uses as much oxygen as one human in one year".
Sigh. Take a deep breath, apologize, and give thanks for oxygen. I feel guilty for being spoiled silly. I wish I could save the world. The quote does not mention how much energy the car uses, but we know that earth's resources are limited and depleting fast. I'm hoping our resourcefulness pulls us through. Us being everything. And everything being energy.

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