Imagine, Evolution - TLM action

These pages are to give flight to your imagination. This one envisions Tetrahedronal Light Muscles (TLMs) in action. The TLMs are part of the Brain Cell so this page could be under consciousness/3D. But I'm not sure how much the very act of conscious perception of a TLM might heighten its activity. TLM action is a work-in-progress, to be expanded in the coming weeks. I call the eight green-gold sandwiches at the corners of the tetrahedrons Cosmic Juices. See a full screen version.

You need get Flash Flash 7 or higher to see the Flash animation. On iOS see HTML5 version. Or full screen HTML5 version.


You can control the movie by clicking the button controls at the bottom of the movie itself, or with the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

This movie is part of a composite with voices. See a movie of the sculpture. Cross-references to TLM expand the topic. Back to consciousness under evolution.

In case you can't see the movie, or it is not working for you, here's a snapshot.

TLM action

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