TLM Lights of Mind, Blessings

These pages are to give flight to your imagination. Could you imagine seeing part of your mind as it sends a blessing?

The lights of mind are:

The envisioned lights of mind give context while the movie zooms into the the TLMs in action. Sending blessings is a special kind of healing, when you consciously accelerate wishes for goodness flowing from all or nothing through you to something.

Voices of possibility sound throughout. Voices chant, evoking the parts, ending with in and out of AOUM, extending blessings.

To inspire your own TLMing blessing, stop near the end of the movie. Match and exceed the movie speed with your own faster-than-the-speed-of-light flexing. Close your eyes and ask for visions of the light muscle blessing. My movie is only the slightest hint of the rich complexity that awaits within and the transpersonal presence.

You need Flash 7 or higher to see and hear the Flash animation. See the plug-in page for info. To download directly, get Flash get Flash.

This movie includes a series of previous clips with new twists. These visions are key to the Wholeo search for the whole self. In the range of consciousness, it is between 3D and 5D. 3D is the normal human, with psychic structures of Pineal gland (see following and animated), Liquid Starlight of the Mind, Sphere of Emotions, Brain Cell, Cosmic Juices, Tetrahedral Light Muscle (TLM) and the sound of AUM, OM, or AOUM. Blessings are on a continuum between 3D and 5D consciousness. To send blessings is expanding. See also sound, credits, how to use the buttons in the movie, and the list of previous movies, or clips, in the series.

Sound sound

Links related to the chant: Inspiriting, OMlulu Chakra Shells, and Using "Aura-Wavelengths".


The Wholeo thing done by Caroling, 2005-2006. Including pictures, sounds, buttons, and Flash-ing.

Using the above movie

angular buttons

You can control the movie by clicking the angular button controls at the bottom of the movie itself, or with the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard.

If the movie starts and stops playing, when it plays through to the credits, try playing it again.

Previous movies

  1. Imagine, Evolution - TLM action
  2. Imagine, evolution - Lights of the Mind
  3. Imagine, Evolution - Blessing, TLMing
  4. Imagine, Evolution - TLM sending blessings, Flash with image or Flash panorama

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