Vibe Coloring Book, How to Use "Aura-Wavelengths"

This page explains how to assemble the drawings on pages 20 and 21. See also the stained glass dome panels.

Page shapeTo form this shape, the two pages must be cut apart diagonally and pasted together with the right-angled corners in the center. Then the design of vibe shapes is colored to indicate a notation for wavelengths of the 7 colors of the rainbow. It can be used as a mandala, or map of consciousness.

Cut pageCut apart one page. Bend under one corner so that the centers of the design can meet exactly. Bend/glue Be sure the center edges are lined up. Glue down the corner where they overlap.

Cut the other page apart diagonally. Carefully fold under the white margins along the four straight edges. Put glue underneath the edges. Press the shape onto the prepared page. Complete the opposite.

Color the short vibes with the rounded edges as follows, starting with red in the center. Go out all around in this order: orange, yellow, green, blue-green, blue, and violet. Each ring of color is bigger. Violet is the last ring, around the outside edge. Color the background. It can be black or any color to bring out the glory of the whole design.

Notice how the shapes in between the rainbow vibes vary from long in the center to short at the outside edge. This has to do with differing wavelengths. In light, each color vibrates (moves rhythmically back and forth) in a wave of a different length. The wave of light you see as red has a relatively long wavelength. The light you see as orange has a slightly shorter wavelength. In the design, a long shape follows red. Between orange and yellow is a shorter shape. The wavelengths decrease gradually on out to violet, which as the shortest wavelengths we can see. The black shapes in the design could be used as a code to indicate colors of the rainbow.

For a gentle color healing, put "Aura-Wavelengths" where you can see it as you sit. Concentrate on the center red, imagining it is the center of your being. Chant AUM with one long exhaled breath. Take a deep inhale and chant MUA (AUM backwards.) A(hhh) is the red. As you sing past U to M, expand your vision in all directions; moving from the orange ring out through the green, blue. At violet, your eyes might be a little out of focus, but concentrate your attention on the outer edge of the figure. You will be singing MMMMM. As you chant MUA, contract your visual field step by step through the rings of colors back to red. Repeat many times. You may do it with others in a circle. Tack the mandalas to a tree or something in the middle.

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