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Wholeo guide, Magenta - Aura/Wavelengths

The Magenta guide follows the earth-colored Above arc. Compared with Above, Magenta elements focus on your inner aura, flux of your mind, and perception. It's the gateway to essence.

"Aura" is an occult light body. "Wavelengths" is the colors of the spectrum presented in a simple visual language. These are two titles for the same panel, "Aura/Wavelengths".

The dark blue intervals gradually decrease in length towards the outer edge. Red is at the center, moving omnidirectionally through the rainbow of seven colors towards the periphery where violet gives way to white. The electro-magnetic spectrum ranges from low frequency, long waves to high frequency short waves. This is a literal description. In the wavelength notation, the color indication come first, then the shape designated. Red color, red shape; orange color, orange shape. This is your color code, so you can draw indicating colors in black and white.

This idea is expanded in the Vibe Coloring Book. Eileen Garrett says the aura is

"seen as a nebulous surround enveloping each living organism. Has a definite use and purpose as receiver and transmitter of life substance throughout the universe, and in recent years I have for myself defined this aura or surround as a protective and magnetic field."

No human aura would be this simple or regular. But I have experienced my aura as generally resembling this progression. Red as closest to the heart of my warm body, violet as the farthest reaching vibrations of intuition, maybe to the sky.

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