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Brain Cell

The strand of Incoming Sensations veers inside the Brain Cell. Wonder drops out of the Smallest Unit of Life at the base of a Cross and senses this is a very important and friendly place for her.

A miniature Storage Block, without the core coils, fits right inside the Sphere of the Emotions. It's poised on an edge, a yellow face forward, behind the cross.* Incoming Sensations moving up the sides of the Block trigger Information Vibrations between the lines on the red and blue faces. Wonder knows that although these vibes vary in angle and size, technically they are all parallelograms.

"But what's going on in me? I feel so high!" She tunes into her most visionary nature. "Can these vibes be trying to help me see how my name looks in my mind? This is a start, I'm sure of it." she cries excitedly. Wonder is possessed by the intuition that these vibes have a color meaning and these colors are spelling 'Wonder' in brain language. A line drifts though her mind like skywriting in the blue, "We will send colors." It has a prophetic ring. What does it mean?

The Rods of Association, joining the two yellow faces, are ringed with black, white, and/or gold. The Tetrahedronal Light Muscle here is extremely delicate. Each volume of light makes partial contact with each rod.Image URL

Callout numbers:

1. Cosmic Juice Station
2. Incoming Sensations
3. Tetrahedronal Light Muscle
4. Sphere of the Emotions
5. Storage Block for Information Vibrations
6. Rods of Association

* Construct an Information Storage Block, page 127.

Color graphic on cover, see graphic 9, bottom right.

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 48 and 49

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