Sphere of Emotions

Sphere of the Emotions

Wonder passes through the clear light before entering a huge dim cavern. The brain is dark except for a beacon flashing. Abruptly Wonder approaches a Brain Cell. The exterior is called the Sphere of the Emotions. Wonder encounters the jerky dance of the scared tubelets reaching out from the main conglomeration. "They look as desperate as I'm feeling coming up here," she mutters.

Over each one is a tiny spring wound up to the left or to the right, called a transparentizer. As a charged tubelet gestures towards a neighboring sphere, the neighboring transparentizers pick up a quiver. This local communication tends to calm the tubelet as it softens quietly back around its home base.

Wonder begins to like it here. She examines the Emotions. About seven stripes of red alternate with blue stripes in 'S' curves around the ball. Its quality changes from squishy, mushy to soupy, flowing to airy, fiery. Fascinating!

Wonder in Aliceland, pages 46 and 47

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