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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. This page shows all the tet graphics Overall tets, medium core coils transparent tets core coils transparent tets flat
opposing faces of two tets tets building generator

About "Rotating" Tetrahedrons

The designs in Wholeo the stained glass dome move from the natural to developed human state. They show what happens when a human searches for the whole self. This panel essence shows dynamic aspects of the core coils of the TLM. It is named Essence of Being or "Cell in a Wholly Developed Person". Compare this to the single coils of the normal state, see the Wonder in Aliceland graphic (at the top of the page). Here are 3 of the 4 coils. Actually these three coils show phases of any one single coil in different functions. The coils from lower right, swishing to upper left show the spiral rushing, the gesture of spiral coiling as it is, the path of it. The opposite coils from lower left to upper right show the macro and microcosmic reaching of the coil. The lower left is vibrations between planets in conjunction. The upper right is cell growth. The vertical central coils show rotation in opposite ways. Naturally, coiling is single. To continue coiling back down around the original coil, yet in the opposite spiral direction is the path to raising vibrations and expanding consciousness.

When teachings about the Merkaba fields of the light body speak of "counter-rotating tetrahedrons", that might relate to the coily qualities or aspects related to TLMs as expressed in Wholeo images. Upper coil detail, showing mirrored path as dark spiral. Lower coil detail, showing mirrored path.

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