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These pages are to give flight to your imagination. This page introduces tetrahedrons as structures of consciousness. In Wholeo vision, tetrahedrons perform as light muscles. The 'muscle' part means that they flex and effect change. They do this naturally. You can learn to flex them at will. The 'light' part means that what is muscled is vibrating energy with the potential to radiate. It is not sunlight. Think of light as a category we know little about but helps us describe the general nature of living tetrahedral structures of consciousness.

Overall tets, medium

Here are two tetrahedrons that overlap each other. Their edges form the diagonals of a cube. The eight corners of the cube transmit basic biological energy. I call them "cosmic juices". Together the tetrahedrons form what I call the "tetrahedronal light muscle" or TLM. This picture shows the overall pattern. A brain cell has a similar form (on a much smaller scale) and goes through similar transformations. Technically the two-tet form is a stella-octangula. Buckminster Fuller called it a duo-tet cube.

Ways to see and explore the TLM:

 blockHere is the overall storage block around the tetrahedrons. Now see what happens when consciousness expands.

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