thing and meaning

Thing and Meaning

There is the thing itself and then there is what it means to me. A Spatial Portrait. People interaction changes the lights. Hoberman Sphere. Programmed motor control. What does it mean? Soccer ball? To me it means Expansion of Consciousness. Lights are 5D Tetrahedronal Light Muscles (TLMs). Sphere is EIE - 5D consciousness model. See the movie: Flash or QuickTime (or QuickTime alternative).

In the lobby to the Liberty Science Center in New Jersey, USA, there are two moving works of art.

Looking at the video clips of the works was dull. Being in the environment had been exhilerating. What was missing from my movies? The video was OK, but surely could be much better with better equipment and longer studies. What kept me tantalized?

Hoberman sphere toyI knew I had a personal interest in the Hoberman Sphere. In 2009, for the last 15 years I've had the toy dangling overhead at work and in my studio. Actually the one I have is made of six great circles and illuminates the geometry of an EIE, the expansion of consciousness model more clearly than the complicated one at the Science Center. I wish it were done in colors showing the vertices of the 12 pentagons and differentiating the great circles in the geometry. Maybe I could color them in the video. No, it's too confusing.

Also I have a deep involvement in being in colored light in interactive environments such as in Wholeo Dome, drawing me to the flickering LEDs of the Spatial Portrait. Suddenly I realized that the light patterns of the Spatial Portrait reminded me of the texture, the modality, the action of a TLM. Things aren't separate in my mind. At the site and in memory I provided the context of a 5D Brain Cell while the art works filled out and represented the concepts. To report on my experience I must show the imaginative synergistics, synergies, synergisms, whichever is the right word.

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