June Solstice 2003, Full Moon before

Originally, I was inspired by the graphic and the meaning of the event described on this page: http://www.souledout.org/goodwill/goodwillfestival03/goodwillfminvite.html. I saw how an expanded structure of consciousness (an EIE), from my visions, matches the geometry. From that seed grew the movie on this page. Its text has links to related pages: Link to Light Body pages 46-47. Link to EIE cross references. Link to Noint Joint. Link to rotating Tetrahedronal Light Muscles.

get flash icon Flash 4+ plug-in is required.

Click a button (left, pause, or right).

noStp stopsThe movie loops unless you click one of the buttons. If you click the stops button, the movie makes express stops at the major parts of the movie. To play and advance the movie to the next stop, click the right button.The stops icon changes to a slash, which you can click to resume looping play.

Some of the major parts of the movie are:

book EIE star circled triangles Noint JointEIEs TLMs

This movie is part of a month-long June Solstice 2003 event. It goes from the full moon before to the full moon after the solstice. See the season's solstice page for the list.

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