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Soon the leftover slivers gather into one space needle pointing up. May 14, 1980 Funicula feels a great increase in the size of the Generative Star. (See previous page.) It goes WHOOSH, right out to the pentagons. The name Metatron is heard. The Eyes of Gabriel appear. Someday they will help Funicula "see" with her Light Body. The expanded Generative Star resembles the "Pentagramma Mysticum," said to be the favorite figure of magicians and astrologers.

A new crystallized grounded light comes. Funicula calls it "I Light", distinguishes it as being useful for relating cubes to EIE. May 16, 1980 She begins to breathe to Information Storage Blocks in EIE. She finds them extending in from each pentagon at the base lines of the Generative Star. They stop where they meet the opposite point of the expanded Generative Star.

This is so hard. Funicula feels like a baby, trying to move. May 18, 1980 Funicula counts off her ordinary Brain Cells. 1. Red 2. Yellow 3. Green 4. Blue 5. Magenta. As she breathes to the Info Blocks in EIE, she links up all the Red Brain Cells. Then each color successively until each face of each block has one of the 5 colors.

When done, a hummingbird buzzes past Funicula crosswise 5 times, then shrieks a high whistle. This commemorates this important event, the regular placing of 5 ordinary Brain Cells in organic relationship to an EIE.

May 18-20, 1980 Funicula receives 2 spiritual healings telling her to "Go up to God!" and purifying her body from her heart out. She changes her diet to raw food with no meat. May 26 Funicula discovers Tetrahedral Light Muscles (TLMs) in EIE (shown in white on the drawing) as extending in from the 20 central triangles. Hoot Lal's head and balls are the points of one triangle. She laughs, wondering if this shows the relative importance of these areas to evolving a Light Body. May 29 Funicula breathes to opposite pairs of TLMs in 10 breathings. In relation to the Generative Star, a synthetic purple and gold Cosmic Juice is produced for Funicula to use carefully in her Light Body.

"EIE", the figure shows Information Blocks color-coded to 5 cubes in relation to the 20 triangles (10 TLMs) in EIE.

Light Body, pages 48-49

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