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Meanwhile, the vehicle for the Light Body develops too. Between Spring and Easter, Funicula sets up the Spin Net with points at Crux and Cassiopeia, stretching halfway across our galaxy from Sagittarius to Sirius. March 31, 1980 At first a core of glitters and fuzzy orange collects in the net. April 7, 1980 When leaving Movey, Funicula becomes centered in a jewel-shaped Heartspace associated with EIE. She gets the premonition of Breakthrough, of rapid ascension.

In the Spin Net, the vehicle become "Space Heartspace." April 7, 1980 Funicula conceives the Synthesizer, thereby building it and setting it into operation. Funicula's premise is that at this subtle level, consciousness is effective and decision is an act.

A couple of fungi found on Easter in the dirt help Funicula place the Synthesizers in the "Easter machine", in Space Heartspace. Diverse elements of subtle energies are sieved and filtered. At the top are swinger-converters that activate fixed energies and gather traveling energies. All are synthesized in passage through and focused at the tip. The residue may be funneled to the constellation Crux. This is the breathing and nourishment apparatus for the launching vehicle for the Light Body.

April 12, 1980 Invite (the 3rd MET Body) comes to ring Space Heartspace as Light energy source, sensor, communication center, and possible travel pod. Funicula places Ever (the Flying Saucer inspiration of light and overall model for Wins) in the center of Heartspace. The entities in Ever ressemble suns. Funicula speaks simultaneously to them in beams. April 13 She sees a power flame being ignited like jet power at the focus end of Space Heartspace near Crux. "Transcend, Transcend," is heard. April 17, 1980 Heartspace may be pentagonal in section (looking from Cassiopeia). Funicula senses it's ready to take-off and start going. Could this be related to visualizing the 6 MET bodies around EIE? Could a combination of the Psychtronic Generator of EIE and the slivers give the vehicle the power to Go?

Funicula is trying to put a spiritual maxim: "Rejoice, don't regret" into practice. When she burns the oatmeal this morning, she rejoices in the message to put the heat on slowly under Space Heartspace. She realizes she'll burn out if she goes too fast. She watches for colors rather than white light, at first. There are wafting sheets of mist. May 3, 1980 Funicula creates an "Essie Body" (see drawing) from tiny Generative Stars--an auric skin for Space Heartspace. The spirits in Arcturus love it as a great innovation, coexisting with others' spaces. Later, Funicula will learn more about where Space Heartspace can be and where it can go.

Light Body, pages 50-51

See Wholeo Galactic.

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