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Tetrahedral Light Muscle (TLM) or duo-tet is part of a regular, ordinary standard brain cell.

haptihedron, movey

Haptihedron, Movey, or rhombicuboctahedron is the opening of consciousness.

EIE simple

EIE or icosidodecahedron is expanding consciouness.

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EIE expanding consciousness in 3D

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EIE awareness rings in fully expanded 5D consciousness

Carolyoga Breathing: Cleansing, Elements - Flash

Alternatively, see the QuickTime alternate or QuickTime web version. I used VRML and GIF models as elements of consciousness. Thanks to Swami dharmraj of for "Ordinary Mind" (Duo-Tet, carol.wrl) and "Expanding Consciousness" (icosadodecahedron.wrl) models. Thanks to Adrian Rossiter of for "EIE awareness" model. "Opening Mind" (rhombicuboctahedron) and "Expanding Consciousness" (icosidodecahedron) models are from Wikipedia pages: and used under the GNU Free Documentation License, version 1.2.

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