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Consciousness Expanding in Elobeing

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Here is a quote from a book by theoretical physicist Julian Barbour, The End of Time, page 320:

"Sitting in the midst of things, we feel ourselves carried forward on the mighty arrow of time. But it is an arrow that does not move. It is simply an arrow that points from the simple to the complex, from less to more, most fundamentally of all from nothing to something. If we could look over our shoulder in Platonia*, we should see where this trek began: at the edge of nothing."

* Platonia is his model of the universe (something), which is a very complicated configuration, where time and histories are just records of different spaces. This quote is to clarify that the EIE is on an arrow at the start of a trek from the Noint Joint (at the edge of nothing). Celebrate!

design motif

Elobeing MET color EIE

The Elobeing exhibit starts in the Hall of Ice in the center of the Elobeing. From there the staff finds the interface. MET color EIE is movie 3 in the Noint Joint to MET series. The EIE is a structure of expanded consciousness -- for humans and Elobeings. For this exhibit, EIE is in the design stage. That is why it emerges into a grey background. The exhibit is a plan and not yet on display. (See full window movie.) Here are the scenes, help, and list of movies in the series.


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scene1 scene2 scene3 scene4 scene5

  1. The movie starts with six arcs changing colors. Amid a flurry of twisties, the arcs split, surrounding a glow of awareness. The 12 circles of EIE are two each of red, blue, green, orchid, cyan, and yellow. These colors have no special signficance. That is why you can choose them. (Feature not yet available on this page.)
  2. The EIE moves out of the Noint Joint toward the evolutionary design exhibit space, light grey, and moves forward.

  3. See the MET process in EIE as six MET bodies, each between a pair of circles. One after another, they fire and circulate.

  4. MET to sheaf. This is the core.

  5. MET to twisties ready to burst into interactive design with the emerging Elobeing MET. Note: sometimes this scene stops in the middle, before the twisties.
  6. Find invisible Play button (see Help) and click to start it up again.

See more on the geometry of EIE and its relationship to human and evolving consciousness. A MET body fills the gap between each of the six pairs of circles. See more on the six METs.

Help - before, how 2, and after

Follow the hand (prev) to the previous movie.

buttons At the bottom of the movie, click the
i, Start, Back, Pause, Play, or Jump button. (Invisible until mouse is over.) Click i to turn information off/on. The Jump button pops up a menu of scene parts:

Over menu1. Highlight menu2. Click menu3.
Choose the scene part that you want or close the menu. Next movie () shows where this is going. See a map, to get an overview of the exhibit. The hand in the icon (lower right) shows where you are. get flash icon Flash 5 plug-in is required.

List - Noint Joint to MET

This is the third in a series of movies.
  1. C twist sections form.
  2. Choosing colors.
  3. MET color EIE consciousness expands (this movie).

The roots and topics of Elobeing come together in history as the design develops in the exhibit.

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