5 TLM compound

5D Brain Cell TLMs

The geometry of the expansion of consciousness is one of the main themes of Wholeo Online. Study #1 is an animated model of a compound of 10 tetrahedra. It shows how 5 pairs of tetrahedra look singly, adding, and subtracting from the group. In a Brain Cell pair, each tetrahedron is rotated 90 degrees from the other. In expanded consciousness, a 5D Brain Cell has five ordinary Brain Cells rotated. Tetrahedral Light Muscles (TLMs) are light forms. Study 1 models show only the form, not the light or the action of the TLMs. See it and more studies in the list below.

Following are studies in Mathematica of the TLMs of five brain cells in a compound:

#1 Study 1, #2 Study 2, #3 Study 3, #4 study 4, #5 bank

#6 Study 6, #7 Study 7,

This is part of my response to the 2009 Buckminster Fuller Challenge. Back to 5D consciousness.

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