5D color brain cell action

5D Color Brain Cell Action, study 7

This is a study in the geometry of consciousness featuring Tetrahedronal Light Muscles (TLMs). The structure is two tetrahedrons fitting within the Brain Cell cube, which is a color cube. The colors move from cube to tets. See the movie: QuickTime or Flash.

I'm not fully aware of WHY this form should seem so important. Could it be because it is so well-defined and hard to see and thus clearly satisfying when solved? Like from the outside, it looks like a number puzzle with no significance. But to me it is like imaginary numbers. Turned out to be really useful.

Maybe it is the transfer function. Like mapping at a synapse. Or neuro-chemical bonds. This is a digital mapping of spectral contents, which can be coded like chemical or light info from stars. So can say what it is by what bits are high. From cube to tet. And the octahedron within seems loomingly significant. In a sense it is a membrane transfer. Also a pump. It could be a pump. I'm thinking from 8 of octahedron, to 216 of duo-tet to 256 ? to however many there would be in 10-tet (5-cube or 5 brain cell) 5D synergy. Its a color pump based on energy transfer. This design can be used in robotics. Possibly in optic energy generation.

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