Imagine, R. Buckminster Fuller

I'm starting this topic after deciding to take the Fuller Challenge (see announcement). On this website, July 18, 2008, there are 55 pages with reference to "fuller" as in R. Buckminster Fuller. Time for one of his own. I was going to put the page under Trips/Imagine in geometry, but Fuller is so much more than that, deserving of his own open space, so I created the fuller directory. Update on March 3, 2014 there are 162 results for "fuller", tripled from 2008. On October 16, 2018 there are 139 results, less than before for the same content, which reflects how Google is searching. In fact, there will be more pages related to the last entry about Fuller Dome.

My Fuller History

I ran and run into Fuller at major intersections of my life. Brief highlights:

Links Related to acceptance of the 2009 challenge

Here I'll collect links in preparation for my work in acceptance of the 2009 Buckminster Fuller Challenge.

  2. Wenninger model 25
  3. Wolfram demonstration project


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