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[Note: Paragraph numbers are followed with s1 (Synergetics) or s2 (Synergetics2), indicating one of the two books by R. Buckminster Fuller]

Preface, xvi s1: "Fuller's hope for the future lies in doing more with less." 1

100.101s2: "Synergetic Unity: ...Multiplication of energy events can be accomplished only by progressive subdividing of its cosmic unity."

100.303s2: Fig. 1 Tetrahedron "...---minimum of four cosmically different tetrahedra: ---the tuned-in, at-presently-considered-complex system-a tetrahedral time-size somethingness ---the infra-tuned- micro-tetra-nothingness ---the ultra-tuned-in macro-tetra-nothingness ---the metaphysical, only primitively conceptual, timeless-sizeless tetra." * The fourth tetra relates to the divided by zero state.

2.04s1: It is a paradox that the computer, in its very ability to process nonconceptual formulae and awkwardly irrational constants, has momentarily permitted the extended use of obsolescent mathematical tools while simultaneously frustrating man's instinctive drive to comprehend his direct experiences."

251.00s1: "Discoveries of Synergetics:"

251.26s1: "The definition of a system as the first subdivision of finite but nonunitary and nonsimultaneous conceptuality of the Universe into all the Universe outside the system, and all the Universe inside the system, with the remainder of the Universe constituting the system itself, which alone, for the conceptual moment, is conceptual."

260.34s2: "The XYZ coordinates of parallels and perpendiculars have nothing to do with the way universe is operating. Universe is operating in radiational divergence and gravitational convergence. ...You cannot have a nucleus in a perpendidular or a parallel system. You can have nuclei only when you have symmetrical tetrahedral convergence."

263.00s2: "Nothingness and Tunability"

263.01s2: "...nothingness is simply the as-yet-not-tuned-in information. We never deal in nothingness." 2

263.04s2: "We have what we refer to as events and novents..." 3

266.01s2: "Infra or ultratunability at any one moment of human experience neither precludes nor promises--but can suggest to intuition--the possibility of further tunability to be developed by humans to occur beyond any time-and-event predictability of our experience-cognition projecting..." 4

268.05s2: "Here we have infratunable discontinuity of life occurring 60 times every second and tunably discontinuing for eight hours every 16 hours... ...we have been unconsciously 'dying' 60 times a second. We must also become aware of the possibility that there is a periodicity of unconsciousness that is only as yet supratunable in terms of the as-yet-only-minuscule, cosmic duration of human experience." 5

269.05s2: "Instead of Euler's vertexes, crossings, or points, we say: ---inframicrosystems. ---ultramacrosystems...a number of glimpses, or window-framed views of nothingness."

304.00s2: "...Because we start with whole Universe we have left out nothing:...There is only multiplication by division." 6

305.01s1: "Universe is the starting point for any study of synergetic phenomena...We depend entirely upon our innate facilities, the most important of which is our intuition, and test our progressive intuitions with experiments." 7

305.04s1: "We find no record of man having defined the Universe--scientifically and comprehensively--to include both the metaphysical and the physical. has been able to define successfully physical Universe---but not, as yet, the metaphysical Universe." 8

306.01s1: "... The metaphysical embraces all the weightless experiences of thought, including all the mathematics and the organization of data regarding all the physical experiments, science itself being metaphysical."

310.02s1: "...Every positively weighted 'particle' has its negatively weighted complementary, but non-mirror-imaged, counterpart behavior. The integrated weights of physical Universe add up to zero."

326.05s2: "Only the physical is alterable; the metaphysical is unalterable. ." * Relates to the fact that one cannot operate on anything in divided by zero state.

326.31s2: "...The local physical system is the one we experience sensorially: the conceptual metaphysical system is one we never experience physically but only consider in thought." 9

400.73s2: "The visibility of conceptuality is always so preoccupying of human senses and minds as to render spontaneously forgettable our only-progressively-aquired knowledge of the vast ranges of the known-to-exist but nonsimultaneously tunable--ergo, invisible--otherness of Scenario Universe." 10

415.10s1: Vector Equilibrium. "Yin-Yang As Two. ...Even at zero frequency of the vector equilibrium, there is a fundamental twoness..." * Fig. 2, 3 and 4 This relates to the 2 zeros, + (0) and - (.)

440.00: "Vector Equilibrium as Zero Model"

440.01s1 "Equilbrium between positive and negative is zero. The vector equilibrium is the true zero reference of the energetic mathematics. Zero pulsation in the vector equilibrium is the nearest approach we will ever know to eternity and god: the zerophase of conceptual integrity inherent in the positive and negative asymmetries that propagate the differentials of consciousness." 11

440.02s1: "The vector equilibrium is of the greatest importance to all of us because all the nuclear tendencies to implosion and explosion are reversible and are always in exact balance. "

440.04s1: "The vector equilibrium is the anywhere, anywhen, eternally regenerative, event inceptioning and evolutionary accommodation and will never be seen by man in any physical experience. Yet it is the frame of evolvement. It is not in rotation. It is sizeless and timeless. We have its mathematics, which deals discretely with the chordal lengths. The radial vectors and circumferential vectors are the same size." 12

440.05s1: "The vector equilibrium is a condition in which nature never allows herself to tarry....Ever pulsive and impulsive, nature never pauses her cycling at equilibrium: she refuses to get caught irrecoverably at the zero phase of energy."

440.09s2: "Zerophase: Being the zerophase of energy the vector equilibrium is inherently invisible and non-empirically-discoverable, which accounts for its having been for so long unrecognized as the spontaneous equilibrious model. As specialists, scientists seek only the somethings. The vector equilibrium is the only model of nonbeing zero-inflection at the nonmoment of omniintertransformabilities, where anything can happen and must happen single-atomically within and multiatomically without. Specializing science, ...inherently overlooked the nonthing vector equilibrium. Vector equilibria in isotropic vector matrixes produce the discontinuity of particles, while the vector-weaving around the VE nuclei produce the continuity of wave phonomena. "

440.10s2: "...the zerophase--ergo, inexpressible.."


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