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[Note: Paragraph numbers are followed with s1 (Synergetics) or s2 (Synergetics2), two books by Buckminster Fuller]

441.00s1: "Vector Equilibrium as Zero Tetrahedron"

441.03s1: "...This central sphere center is a cosmic terminal condition.

441.22s1: "...a VE ... in a zero condition ... is nonreality."

443.03s1: "Humanity's physical brains...ever more inclusively and incisively demanding mind's consciousness of the absolute exactitude of the eternally referential centrality at zero of the equanimity model. Thus mind induces human consciousness of evolutionary participation to seek cosmic zero. Cosmic zero is conceptually but sizelessly complex, though full-size-range accommodating." 13

445.00s1: "Frequency of Vector Equilibrium"

445.01s1: "...We use here the concept of multiplication only by division of the conceptual sizeless whole in a greater number of coordinate parts." 14

445.10s1: "A frequency of one in the vector equilibrium is like the VE itself, a zero state, i.e., energetically inactive. Frequency of experience inherently involves intervals between experience. Intervals that are nonexperiences are not nothingness: they are number integrities like zero state." 15

445.11s1: "At eternal 'outset,' the VE 's frequency is none--non, which is inactive, which is different in meaning from nonexistent. ....Quite the contrary to 'nonexistent,' it means only 'eternally existent' in contrast to 'temporarily existent.' Experience is all temporary. Between experiences is the forever eternal metaphysical...Zerophase, i.e., the absolute integrity." * (Is this different from Plato's Immortal Truth? )

501.00s1: "Definition: Conceptuality"

501.03s1: ".....conceive of events as they occur at magnitudes that would be subvisible or supravisible. ... Size alone can come to zero, not conceptuality." 16

501.13s1: "Complementarity requires that where there is conceptuality, there must be nonceptuality. The explicable requires the inexplicable. experience requires the nonexperienceable. The obvious requires the mystical. ...Ergo, we can have annihilation and yet have no energy lost; it is only locally lost." 17

501.131s2: "Omnidirectional Halo: Every time we have annihilation into eternity, it is not lost in principle; it is only locally lost in the relative inaccuracy that we must have to differentiate and to have awareness." 18

501.14s1: " The invisibility of negative Universe may seem a discrepancy, but only because the conceptual is such a fantastically limited part of the total, not just in the electromagnetic spectrum range, but in metaphysical, cosmic thinkability itself." 19

502.00s1: "Experience"

504.14s2: "...humans thus find themselves between an absolute, omnidirectional, equilibrious, dimensionless, metaphysical core contained within a spheric twilight zone of macro-almost-true and themselves containing a spheric twilight zone of micro-almost-true. As humans are in the middle of the cosmic scheme metaphysically, truth itself is an unreachable, omnidirectional, cosmic center. The truth is zero eternal. ...In temporality you cannot reach the truth. You cannot be exact because truth is zero. Absolute truth is an omnizerophase condition. The metaphysical comprehension passes through, expandingly and contractively, but fails ever to remain at the zero core of equilibrious truth."

505.51s2: "Nonexperimentally disclosed mathematical relationships can be imaginatively evolved, however, but they may or may not have identity with physical Universe behavior." 20

505.63s2: "... There are no experimentally demonstrable, absolute-maximum limits. Only the minimum limit is demonstrably absolute--even when it looks like a point." 21

505.80s2: "Background Nothingness" 505.83s2: "...The nothingness area is unbounded by any visible closed line. Nothingness is the part of the system unencompassed by the observer." 22

519.03s1: "When concentrically and convergently resolved, the 'point' proves to be the 'center'--the zero moment of transition from going inwardly and going outwardly." 23 524.00s1: "Novent"

524.01s1: "We experience events and no-events. Ergo, we invent novent. Novents characterize the finite but nonsensorial remote masses' interattraction, i.e. the gravitational continuum." 24

524.04s1: "The nonevent continuum is the novent. The novent continuum permeates the finitely populated withinness and comprises the finite novent withoutness. Novent is the finite but nonsensorial continuum." 25

524.10s1: "In and Out"

524.12s1: "...Relationships exist between the ins because they are definable. Out is common to all; out is timeless; out is not really packaged." 26

524.13s1: "In is discrete; out is general. The ins are discontinuous; the outs are continuous. Out is nothingess, i.e., nonexperience. Only the nonexperience nothingness constitutes continuum." 27

524.14s1: "In is temporal; out is eternal. Ins are knowable; outs are unknowable. In is individually, uniquely identifiable; out, though total, inherently integral, and finite, is nonidentifiable. In is individually, uniquely directional; out is any, all, and no direction. Out is all directions; even when temporarily inward toward center, it passes beyond the center to eventual outness."28


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