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[Note: Paragraph numbers are followed with s1 (Synergetics) or s2 (Synergetics2), two books by Buckminster Fuller]

526.11s2: "...Space is all the observer's untuned-in information."

526.13s2: "...Space does not have definable properties. Only systems have definable characteristics."

526.26s2: "...In is the momentary reality into which we are tuned. All the rest is for the moment tuned-out but equally real as the information or experience is progressively tuned-in." 29

526.33s2: "...Death is the as-yet unborn set of all the unconsidered special cases of all the as-yet undiscovered--ergo, as-yet-unconsidered--generalized principles."

527.706s2: "Infinity is only a consequence of subdividing finity. Because synergetics has conceptuality independent of size, it permits--indeed, requires--systemic conceptuality before the subdividing commences. There is no a priori size. ...Eternal is not a whole lot of time. Eternal is independent of and devoid of time. Infinity is micro rather than macro--hence the difficulty of research physicists in their search for the one last 'building block' or fundamental particle. ." 30

529.20s1: "Intellect is top speed, which is instantaneous." * Is this ./0?

541.42s2: "Gravity is non-divisive and syntropic; its conservation is accomplished by holistic embracement of variable intensities. Gravity is integral. Holistic gravity has no frequency."

543.22s2: "Love is the integral of gravity and radiation."

543.25s2: "It is the love-gravity toleration of high-frequency-recurrent abberations from any one absolute principle's exact center, along with the varying yielding toward other centers, that permits these from-time-to-time, love-intellect-mind-intuited discoveries of the mathematical variation rates of interelationship changes evolutionarily existing between the nondimensional plurality of pure principles. "

610.33s2: The minimum zero tetrahedron with which the series commences repeats itself ... to permit the accomplishment of octave harmony at minimum zero conversion whose terminal nothingnesses accommodate the overlapping interlinkages of the octave terminals: thus do-re-mi-fa-sol-la-ti-do." 31

644.01s2: "...Astronomical magnitudes of structural-system coherence are accomplished by tensionally dominated structural functions of zero slenderness ratio, i.e., by gravitational functioning."

646.22s2: "...Almost nothing of the reality of our present life meets the human eye; wherefore our most important problems are invisible."

789.14s1: "The limits of an allspace-filling array are nondefinable. Non-definable is not the same as infinite."

812.05s2: "Drawing a triangle on the surface of the Earth ... also divides the surface into two areas... both of which are bound by a closed line with three edges and three angles. Euler did not recognize the background nothingness of the outside triangles."

825.28s1: "You have to have division of the line to have frequency, ergo, to have time."

900.11s2: "...conceptual modelability is metaphysical."

905.20s1: "The vertexes are the unique, individual, ergo in-time events; and the nonvertex voids are the outdividual, ergo out, timeless, sizeless, nonevents. The both outwardly and inwardly escaping nonevents complement the ...event identities."

905.21s1: "...go anydirectionally out . . . to the complete, eternal, unidentifiable, non-ness, noneness of the a priori mysterious, integrally regenerative, inherently complex Universe." 32

905.23s1: "...with the nonvisible vertex as the inside-out vertex, which nonvertex is a nonconvergence of events." 33

935.18s2: "What made it difficult for scientists, cosmologists, and cosmogonists to comprehend about Boltzmann's concept--or Einstein's implicit espousal of it--was the inherent discontinuity of energy events implicit in the photon as a closed-system package of energy. What happened to the energy when it disappeared? For disappear it did. How could it reappear elsewhere in a discontinuous system?"

935.25s2: "As an instance of chasm-spanning between science and the humanities by conceptually tranformative energy-quanta accounting, synergetics conceptually elucidates the Boltzmann import-export, entropy-syntropy transaction and the elegant manner in which nature accommodates the 'hidden ball' play of now-you-see-it-now-you-don't energy transference." 34

936.15s2: "The octahedron goes from a volume of four to a volume of three as one tensor is precessed at 90 degrees. This is a demonstration in terms of tension and compression of how energy can disappear and reappear. ...we have a model of how four can become three in the octahedron conservation and annihilation model."

937.15s2: "...The octahedron in the middle of the structural-system hierarchy provides us with a clear demonstration of how a unit quantum of energy seemingly disappears--i.e., becomes annihilated--and vice versa." 35

937.31s2: "The slenderness ratio in gravitationally tensed functioning has no minimum overall limit of its structural-system length, as compared to the diameter of the system's midlength cross section; ergo, 36

               tensile length                alpha
         --------------------- = ----------------------
               diameter                         0"

960.08s1: "Any point can tune in any other point in Universe. All that is necessary is that they both employ the same frequency, the same resonance, the same system, center to center." 37

960.09s1: "The total nothingness involved is accounted by 20 F^3. The third power accounts both the untuned nothingness and the finitely tuned somethingness. The 20 is both Einstein's empty set M and all the other untuned non-M of Univers. The 20F^3 is the total Universe momentarily all at one time or timeless center. Eternity is 1 = No frequency 1^3 = 1 * 20. The 20 is eternally constant. The rate of wave growth corresponding to Einstein's c^2 = 10 F^2 +2.

960.13s1: "...In synergetics, the total nothingness and somethingness involved in both inbound and outbound field is 20F^3. (Nothing = 10. Something=10. Both = 20.) The vector equilibrium and the icosahedron are the prime number five polyhedra; the multiplicative, concave-convex twoness: 2*5=10. F^3=[(Unexpected nothingness F^1) *(Expected somethingness F^2)]=F^3. In table on p. 808 20F^3 is the volume in tetrahedrons of the VE of frequency F. 37 I have looked at this a long time and cannot figure it out very well . What drew me to it was that total nothingness is being accounted...?? This would bespeak a need for numbers/0

971.03s1: "The first two of the zero series (of closest-packed volumes) are in fact one invisible zero: the positive zero plus its negative phase. Every six layers we gain one new, additional nucleus." (speaking of closest-packed sphere shells)

987.314s2: "These four interhexagonallying planes may also be seen as the tetrahedron of zero-time-size-volume because .. lengths, ..areas, ...volumes are concurrently at zero."...

987.315s2: " Its most unstable, only transitional, equilibrious state serves nature's cosmic, ceaseless, 100-percent-energy-efficient, self-regenerative integrity by providing the most expansive state of intertransformation accommodation of the original hierarchy of primitive, pre-time-size, 'click-stop' rational (italicized) states of energy-involvement accountabilities. Here we have in the VE the eight possible phases of the initial positive-negative tetrahedron occurring as an inter-double-bonded (edge-bonded), vertex-paired, self-inter-coupling nuclear system. "


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