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[Note: Paragraph numbers are followed with s1 (Synergetics) or s2 (Synergetics2), two books by Buckminster Fuller]

1000.00s2: "Omnitopology"
Color plate 4s2: "Deceptiveness of Topology Quanta Lost by Congruence" Color plate 5s2: "Synergetics' Operational Accountability Of All Vanishing and Elsewhere Reappearing Quanta
...Boltzman contradicted that assumption, saying that the a priori fact of the existence of billions of stars, radiatingly, ergo, entropically, broadcasting their energies required an as yet undiscovered but obviously operative energy redistribution system by which such stars are elsewhere and elsewhen assemblingly formed. Boltzman therefore assumed a cosmic complex of invisible energy importing centers, whose non-simultaneous formations but sum-total, long-run cosmic importing exactly balances all the long run cosmic exportings. ...
..the cosmically comprehensive equilibrium of all vectors, which invisible nothingness provides the geometrically conceptual field of structuring-as-you-go reference and is known as the four dimensional isotropic vector matrix, meaning cosmically everywhere and everywhen the same energy conditions, ergo, undifferentiable, ergo untunable and unapprehendible in any special case time-size reality, but both intellectually and geometrically conceptualized in Synergetics' vectorialized, angular oriented comprehensivity.
...In exploring the intertransformability of the primitive hierarchy of structuring-as-you-go, omni-triangularly oriented evolution and the inter-bonding of its evolving structural components, we soon discover that the universal interjointing of systems and their foldability permit the angularly hinged convergence into congruence of vectors, faces and vertexes, ... each of whose multi-congruences appear only as one edge, or one vertex, or one face aspects, wherefore topological accounting as presently practiced accounts each of these multi-congruent topological aspects as consisting of only one of such aspects. Only synergetics accounts for all the congruent......topological aspects' presences by always accounting for the initial inventory.
...we find it possible to conceptually demonstrate and prove not only the validity of Boltzman's concepts, but of all quantum phenomena..." 38

1009.73s1: "Man can always go into infinitely great, eternal orbit. Mind always has and always will." 39

1011.30s1: "One or zero are subfrequency. Interval and differentiation are introduced with two."

1013.41s2: "Every tetrahedrom..has nine separate and unique states of existence: four positive, four negative, plus one schematic unformed nothingness, unfolded to an infinite, planar, neither-one-nor-the-other, equilibrious state."

1013.42s2: "When the four planes of each of the eight tetrahedra move toward their four opposite vertexes, the momentum carries them through zero-volume nothingness of the vector equilibrium phase. ...Thus we find the vector equilibrium to be the inherent zero-nineness of fundamental number behavior."

1033.011s2: "...omninothingness of as-yet-untuned-in Universe." 40

1033.021s2: "Our omininvolvement tetrahedral-intertransformability... can accommodate both the tetrahedron's most complexedly expansive-divergent domain and its most convergence-to-untuned-nothingness identification, while also maintaining the integrity of its inherent isolatability from both all otherness and all nothingness."

1033.20s2: "Table: Cosmic Hierarchy of Primitive Polyhedral Systems:...Infratunable microcosmic zero (Four great-circle planes as zerovolume tetrahedron)...Ultratunable macrocosmic zero (Four great-circle planes as zerovolume vector equilibrium)" See Fig. 5.

1033.643s2: "The vector-equilibrious maximum nothingness becomes the spontaneous syntropic recipient of the energy quantum released from the annihilation phase of the transformation."

1033.651s2: "Vector equilibrium is never a shape. It is either a tetravolume 0 nothingness or a tetravolume 20 nothingness. The only difference between space nothingness and matter somethingness is vector equilibrium." 41

1033.653s2: "...both invoke the cosmically intolerable vacuum voids of macro-micro-nothingness." 42

1033.657s2: "...Therefore, as in cryogenics we approach absolute zero (for the whole system's average temperature), the temperature of some of the elemental components of the experiment go through to the other side of zero, while others stay on this side--with the whole aggregate averaging just short of right on absolute zero. As a consequence of some components going through to the other side of zero, some of the most extraordinary things happen, such as liquids flowing in antigravity directions. This is the inside-out Universe." 43

1033.76s2: "The Duo-tet Cube (the maxicube) occurring between micronothingness and macronothingness shows how Universe intertransformably accomodates its entropic-syntropic ...even-more-than-maximum-something 4-tetravolume nothingness." 44

1052.56s2: "There is an entropic, self-negating, momentary self: there is also the no-time, nondimensionable eternity of mind. ... Every time we experience the novent disconnects of momentary annhilation into eternity, naught is lost." 45

1053.16s1: "This containment of somethingness by uncontained nothingness..."

1053.843s2: "...where frequency is half-zero..." 46 1210.00s1: "The Roman culture had no numerical concept of 'nothing,
That is, the idea of 'no sheep' Was ridiculous. Humans cannot eat 'no sheep.' ...
The cypher was ..
Just a decorative terminal symbol. ...
For it made it possible for anybody to calculate."

1232.20s1: "...we build leftward positively and rightward negatively from our decimal zero-zero." 47

Fig. 1012.14As1 (in Drawings Section, page 811): "...alternate pulsing effects of number produces positive waves, but not continuously as had been misassumed. Zero--or 'No-tet, None, Nine' intrudes."


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