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[Note: Comments on Synergetics or Synergetics2, two books by Buckminster Fuller]

29 If my /0 numbers are to be tuned-in, I need a notation. All I have is the notation when numbers that have been tuned-in, get tuned-out. Consider the formula in the note on page 213 of s2: 938.12, this is not/0, is 1/inf=0. so then 1/0=inf. 0*inf=1. It sounded good then. But now with my new piddling definition of doesn't work at all.

30 Since the /0 state has been separated from infinite, this is very useful. It's great, the original undivided zero is not just more and more finite (isn't it...isn't it an infinite source? we don't know) what we know is it seems we can divide with seemingly infinitely small things to get seemingly infinitely large things


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