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Travel - Out Back before and after a tropical storm

Here is a view from the edge of the Pt. Washington State Forest, to the east of Eastern Lake, Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Differences between these three basic movies are slight and subtle. From the beginning to mid-month. From overcast to sunny. From morning to afternoon. Each pine and palmetto is transformed in the fluctuating space revealed in changing time. Each page pops up in its own window, for comparison. For each movie, there are low and high resolution versions (called small or large). Each version has the option of standard or full screen.

<img src="../../../../../Access/path/images/pathImmerseSm.jpg" width=35 height=36 usemap="#pathImmerseSm" border=0> Requires QuickTime. See immersive imaging for help, info, and all other immersive imaging, including QuickTime VR movies, at Wholeo Online.

See the same view at sunset in December, Eastern Lake, or Florida travel page.

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