Use keyboard arrow keys up or down. If lines do not come together in a circle, you can not see all around
Zoom with shift and control keys

QTVR all around

In the all around QTVR movie above, you can pan up and down to the top and bottom of a spherical space. If the lines come together in a blue circle at top and bottom of a sphere, you can move all around, up and down. If not, get QuickTime 5 + . Or just look around at the horizon, with QuickTime 4 or lower.

I call the basic movie signal or peeling the grape. Joel Smith added the auto-rotation. He sees it as a Gooseberry jellyfish, to which he also added sounds of swimming. See and hear it.

This page shows what it is in each part of the Wholeo Online site for QTVR all around. These movies look spherical, yet they are created with cubic technology. It is new in the year 2000. QTVR cylinders (movies that spin around the horizon) are on the earlier immersive interactive imaging page. See it for links to related topics.

QT Flash NOTNote:

QuickTime 7.1.5 fixes this: QuickTime 7.1.3 disables embedded Flash tracks by default. Previous versions enabled Flash by default. You need to enable Flash in QuickTime settings to see Lookout Mars and Symbols of Wholeo and Consiousness listed below. For details, see the announcement.

Here are the all around QTVRs.

Wholeo QT badge If you have QT 5+, the graphic at the left matches the movie on the right. If the movie says "Get QT 5", get the latest QuickTime! Note: use either the graphic or the movie as a badge to link to this page. See also the badge page.

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