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Vibe Icosahedron QTVR all around

Enter the icosahedron. Be and move in a swirl of vibrations.

After moving around, try zooming way out. The perspective is unreal and the patterns far out. Great compositions result from creative viewing. Here's one. Try zooming in. Moving from one triangle to the next, shift perception from being inside to outside the model.

See other views of this 3D drawing. See QTVR all around. QTVR cylinders (movies that spin around the horizon) are on the earlier immersive interactive imaging page. See it for links to related topics.

You need get Flash Flash and get QT 4 QuickTime 4 to see the Flash animation button and the QTVR movie. But you need QuickTime 5 to see the top and bottom of the QTVR movie.

<IMG SRC="../../../../../Access/path/images/pathImmerseSm.jpg" WIDTH=35 HEIGHT=36 usemap="#pathImmerseSm" BORDER=0> See immersive imaging for help, info, and all other immersive imaging, including QuickTime movies, at Wholeo Online.

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