Kind of maps in Wholeo Online

Site map pad
Do maps always relate to the way you want to get places? Let's see.

The top level map appears at the top right of this page. See the access map page for details about the map pad. Looking at it helps you identify the big topics in Wholeo Online. Clicking on it takes you in giant steps from one big chunk to the next.

The line of text links at the bottom of the page are a very different kind of map for the same territory as the map pad.

Another kind of map appeared in the original click-step preview to the site (try it). The purpose of this map is to move within a line of pages that are related like pages in a book. A click on any one of the four corners of the map takes you one small step. The bottom corners take you back and forward from the current page to the previous and next pages of a series of click-step pages. The top corners take you back and forward from the current page to the previous and next pages of a series of automatically changing pages. So once you pick one of the upper corners, you have no more choices until you reach the end of the series. A special help page summarizes the options.

A picture can in itself be a map to its parts. Two such maps look quite different, but work the same way.

The map to trips in NZ has words and images of different parts. (Not done yet.)

The map of the lookout tower in the Waipoua forest is very literal. It is a floor plan and each link corresponds to a plaque on the wall in that location.

Here is a set of bullets, on the entry page to the site. Each bullet is color-coded the same as the background color of the section listed. For example, Access (this one) is deep turquoise.

| | | | |

In developing a related site, I used three different backgrounds to relate to three levels of access. The text-only level has no special background. The text -with-small-graphics level has a specially colored background to distinguish it. The hi-end-graphics level has a background graphic for a rich effect. You can see it at the Wholeo exhibit. So the background treatment maps the access level.

There is a geographical map of New Zealand under Lookout on this site. But let's keep in mind that there is no ground for geography in cyberspace, in this computer space that we call a 'site'. Perhaps we should call it a 'sight' instead. Most maps in this sight have to do with the way our minds work and how we see information.

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