Access Maps* to Wholeo Online

Site map pad
Mapping is on the map for Wholeo Online. That is, this clickable map pad is on the top level page for the main areas.

A color-coded pad is linked to each area and the Wholeo symbol () takes you to the home page.

The small asterisk (*) is a link to this page. Here are the plans. An asterisk at the top right of each page brings you here. Detailed clickable maps give access to any part of Wholeo Online.

Also, an asterisk to the right of any item located within any page brings you to the main definition for that item. Most of these definitions are located in a alphanumeric-graphic index that serves as a glossary.

A content outline is a brief list of what is in each part of Wholeo Online. The link maps aren't ready yet. Please continue to use the clickable text at the top of most pages for navigation. However, when the map pads and maps are done, the text links move to the bottom of each page, as shown below.

In addition to the mapping for the site, many small maps help find your way through heaps of stuff. Here are some of the kinds of maps used now. Also, see the Search, Paths, and Cross References.

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