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Wholeo Online Immersive Interactive Imaging Path Icon

The immersive interactive imaging path icon models the experience of viewing a panoramic movie. It tracks the apparent movement of a panorama and scene from the inside. The viewer is the hand. The inner swirl is the panorama. The outer swirl is the scene.

The hand of the viewer stands still. The fingertip is oriented one way but it causes the rest to turn.

The inner swirl or panorama is my direction of turn. I move my pointer to the left, so I feel like I'm turning to the left to look around.

This causes the outer swirl, or scene, to move to the right, so I can see to the left.

The icon is a Flash button. A mouse over makes the whirls turn. A click down holds the consciousness symbol. This symbol doubles for panorama viewing too. The viewers point of view is in the center. The surrounding circle is a panoramic representation of the scene. The first sketch is too big a file for an icon, 143KB. See it here as an altar. Remember to mouse over and click down to see all forms of the button.

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