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These trials consist of an introductory image map and two QuickTime panorama pages. In them I use treasured photos given to me in 1965 by Irwin Klein and in 1976 by Tom Crane. If you don't have the free QuickTime software for your browser (PC or Mac) see Click this button to popup a window with the currently proposed submission to the external site.

If you have Win 3.1 or you get a broken icon, try opening them directly from the links on the pages.


exhibit thumbnail image ~ Door thumbnail image ~ Wholeo thumbnail image


Here is a statement relating to the proposed Revolving exhibit.

Background photos

Here are the photos used in the panoramas. They are the "media" that have been mixed.

Wholeo Online QTVR Panoramas

I became interested in QTVR after seeing Janie Fitzgerald's site (Axis Images).

Why QTVR? For me it is a step to a complete 3D interface. I'm not willing to learn 3D graphic world construction and don't think the audience warrants it yet. However, QTVR works now. I like freedom to mix media. I like the way panoramas bring a round, centered space to the flat square world of computer screens, windows, and frames.

See the QTVR path for a complete listing of my panoramas.

Design Ideas

Here are the original design ideas for revolving. For the source, see Wholeo, the stained glass dome.

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