Revolving Door - Rose

Revolving Rose I did this painting after moving to New York in 1962. Previously I lived in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the neighborhood of 7 corners. The inner city location had vacant lots with wild, native plant weeds and old houses. It felt like a small town. I met wonderful old women survivors, living on tiny incomes. I wanted to bring them all to New York with me.

I painted Rose coming to the city through a revolving door. She's surrounded with myriad reflections of city things like the Brooklyn Bridge, a bank interior, letters, and lights. The hand emerging from the turn is still unformed, a mere gesture.

After a recent trip to New York in 1998, I look back at Rose as myself, now grown old, yet still drawn to the glitzy technology of the city. Still turning those revolving doors and emerging somewhere new.

See some ink paintings and context of Rose.

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