Art, Not White Mountains

First there is a Mountain

First there is a mountain,

then there is no mountain,

then there is .
This is First there is a mountain You see a mountain and would like to climb it. To understand where this is coming from, see the Whirled exhibit page. To go up the mountain to the next panel in the vertical series, click the up hand. To see More Mountains, go to the right, click the right hand.

More Mountains is the next in a horizontal series. Think of a comic book or cartoon. You move from one panel to the next to see what changes. The mountains don't change much, but our world does. The panoramas go deeper into time, history, and envisioning the future.

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You can see a larger or backwards-compatible QTVR, also. Your choice:

  • Sorenson compressed QTVR 2.0 with QuickTime 3, 650KB, Mountain This is a larger file size and works only with QT3 or higher

  • Cinepak compressed QTVR 1.0 with QuickTime 2 or better, 160KB, Mountain. This works best with Windows and older QuickTime software

    To see these QTVRs, if you don't have a QuickTime plug-in for your browser (PC or Mac) see

For background on how this area (both geographic and metaphoric) relates to Wholeo Online see the Gaia point page. See the QTVR path for a complete listing of my QTVR movies.

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