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Hall of Ice

The Hall of Ice is a mystical museum that might be part of the Akashic Record. See the ice hall like a natural history museum hall lined with exhibits. A member of each species appears in its own transparent, glass-like case. There are many; the hall is very large.

The Elobeing is way down at the end, and has now even opened up a new wing off the hall. It has special display needs, due to the nature of the beast. It is an early interactive exhibit in the evolution of our species.

Elobeing exhibit

The Elobeing exhibit in the Hall of Ice opened in the year 2000. In 2015, see the essential movies in this section as one 6-minute movie. It includes views of the map. See also Elobeing on Stage, Acts 1-3 updated.

The exhibit starts here in the center of the Elobeing. See it as a staff or shaft or sheaf of energy. Envision many parts, to open over time.

Follow the hand (next) from one part of the exhibit to the next, in order of presentation. See a map, to get an overview of the exhibit. The hand in the icon (lower right) shows where you are.

The roots and topics of Elobeing come together in history as the design develops.

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