Hall of Ice description

My first perception of the ice hall happened during carolyoga, May 4, 1995:

" ... saw a crystal ice palace. A great storage museum of the prototypes of earth beings. They are transparent models, the whole space is skycloud ice blue in shades of pale grays, nothing sheds a shadow and there is no light or dark, just gelid forms, each kind there along a hall, placed on pedestals and showcased, but distinct. Between each breath and heartbeat we go to the hall and reaffirm memory of our shape. Here is where shamans go and shapeshifters who have learned this secret from their spirit animal. Here is where you can learn to go to manifest in another form*.

"This is like death because of its stillness, yet it is an intimate part of life. If we cease to visit the hall we die, because we cannot recreate the form. It may be the secret to many diseases too, where a partial merge of the form is taking place.

"However, the look and especially the access for conscious entry to the models is personal and your animal will show you your way. You cannot come through my Mt. Shasta yoga or crystal visualization. That is just the path I found. Not your path. You must find a path with your own guides.

"It is a great beauty to have a secret personal path that is uniquely and sacredly yours. To be shown that path is very satisfying. I recommend you spend time and energy finding it. Question everything. For example, Don Juan said to take the path with heart. However, for you it might be the path with heart and mind or with no heart at all. I don't mean to undermine his point that you can't think your way there or find a formula. But don't overlook any clues or ways that come to you. It is like stalking when you don't know the prey, yet you are certain you'll know it when you see it."

Another perception started with a "color fairy", which I think is a colored light being (CLB). It came on June 26, 1995:

"In ice hall, saw at end of hall, the color fairy, when beckoned, appears and advances as I advance toward her (it?) toward elobeing (being evolutionarily). And melts the ice, shows that the ice is just static state of fluid colorful beings. So they don't lose their shape, but become liquid crystal color activated and can flex their shapes as living beings."

* The Ice Hall is like an avatar shop, where I can assume an identity.

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