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Pictures show what it is like to walk around the ground, the tower deck, and down the path. Strong winds give the feeling of the changing atmosphere. The light varies from overcast to sunny, constantly moving. You can choose a graphics photo page with thumbnail photos. Also, altars, looking east to the rising sun of the new millennium. See the kauri tree milestone.

Going around and into the tower

Look up at the other side the tower as you walk around before climbing the stairs. Inside the tower you find information panels and wonderful views all around. The Department of Conservation exhibits explain the basic facts of history, how the forest became protected, and a lot about the forest itself. This picture is looking west.

Contemplating the vistas

There are eight pictures of what you see as you walk around the tower deck. Or you could peer out from the windows. There are eight pictures; one for each side and corner, going counter-clockwise, starting with NorthWest. To see the slides in order, click on the links below, one after another. The slides are identified by the direction you are looking.

NorthWest, West, SouthWest, South, SouthEast, East, NorthEast, North,

One picture is set on its own page, suitable for a startup page, the NorthWest vista page. This is the main view of the Waipoua Forest. Clicking the picture takes you back to the Lookout 2000 Ceremony page. See also panoramas of these views.

Walking down the path

An hour's walk downhill brings you to the DOC headquarters for the Waipoua Forest and the Visitor's Center. The path starts to the NorthEast, past the McGregor memorial. The biggest trees in this part of the forest have been logged. Now that it is protected, many medium size and many young kauris are right beside the path. Strange colored ground, is not typical of the muddy path. This unusual patch has rainbow colors. Getting closer to the most ancient core of the rainforest shows its dense canopy. Now in the bush, with the straight trunks of some young kauri trees. Tree ferns abound . There are controversial issues involved in taking this walk. Although the impact is local, the problems and how they can be solved are millennial in scope.

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