Blessings Beach

Breathing for health, June 2009

Journal notes on early morning walks on Blessings Beach from May 28 - June 12, 2009.


Felt fast pineal often. An idea to channel prana into blood vessels and clear plaque. I think it is not cholesterol that is the problem, but buildup in blood vessels. Combining that with the Yoga and Health book ideas about pin-pointing consciousness in body, directing prana, and managing things. Idea for each breath to follow it to connection with blood and ask the prana to clear obstructions. It is a thrilling visualization. Purples and rainbows. Kind of like laser disc saw blades whirling along the interior, cleansing the paths.

I think about my color engineering and how greatly that failed. I don't have the confidence in my spiritual strength. Also I'm not sure it is right to do. Seems I'm always trying to create a meaningful life that harmonizes with the whole. Don't want to do something just to prove it can be done. That is as an exercise.


Good circulatory system video:

My morning's adventure in consciousness still has me vividly high. Walking along, thought to bring consciousness in with the breath and extend to whole circulatory system. Wham in, all red arteries from lungs to furthest extremities capillaries. Breathe out to reception of prana and back through heart lungs out through nose. This was extraordinarily exciting, energizing, illuminating, wonderful.

I did that for awhile. Then thought about how yoga, guided meditations, and asanas further pinpoint parts, adding to greater consciousness and relaxation by addressing local parts one by one. So I breathed into my left arm down to the fingertips and out. Breathed into my right arm. Left leg, right leg. Then within trunk and up to brain. Then did chakras one through seven, one at a time. I might have done the glands first and then the chakras. Very effective. Walking yoga could call it.

When got home, searched the book Yoga and Health for the basic idea that had inspired bringing consciousness to cleanse inside of blood vessels. Why limit body in its production of cholesterol. If it is producing too much, that is because it is trying to balance something else that is out of whack. What is that? {It could be dehydration. See the book Your Body's Many Cries for Water.} Since I don't know, I'm sure that fighting the body will only increase the blockage and force the body to get farther out of balance. So why not try to solve the problem directly by asking my mind to feel along the vessels and if there is plaque buildup causing constriction, to clean it out. Just thinking about it, seems that plaque could be a reinforcement of the walls of the vessels. Helping insure that as they get older they don't weaken and burst under the pressure. Consciousness when raised is always good at seeing the whole picture. The challenge is to keep the vessels functioning as best as possible.


Didn't get to beach until 7. It was one of the glorious blessedly beautiful mornings. I started breathing consciously intending to connect with my body. It wasn't the rush of high I experienced yesterday. In fact, each breath seemed almost too fast. Worried that I would get out of breath at first. Can't remember exactly what I did. Think I did arm, leg, torso, that kind of big body areas first. Then did things like heart, lung, womb, eyeballs, tongue, whatever came up. Savored the shape of heart echoed in lung lobes and thought about symmetries and duplicate patterns some.

Later I started thinking about bones. Blood yes, and bone too. I was going to breath to every bone. Started with left leg thigh and worked down, each toe having five bones. On right worked up from the foot. When got to the pelvis, realized I did not know how my legs connected to my spine. Seems like my torso is floating, compression to legs buffered and indirect.

Starting with tailbone up to neck, another disconnect. Did up to skull. Forgot jaw. Collarbones, wings, ah ribs are connected to spine in back.

breath Along in there became aware of a kind of satellite dish like aura. Red ribs, gold disc fills and blue webbing between. In the primary colors of my first inner visions, but all muted as if covered in cloudy amber jell. Or the reflecting light dims and mutes the colors. Or maybe it is just transparent enough not to come in bright colors. Sense of green-goldiness feeder tubes with the blue mesh. I breathed to this system although it felt sort of inert.

When going past Blessings Beach, felt the increased vibe dimension participating in my breathing. I still feel a kind of measured elation. Looked up tumbleweed images and it is not that. Better draw it. Looks SO familiar.

Vaguely looks like it, except should taper to the left making more dish shaped, need to distort it. The little white flowers came to decorate the spines. Seeming a little more lively. But I breathed to them. Now meaning, significance, importance seems to be waning.


Had marvelous meditation walk, getting right into beach breathing. Differently than before. Not whole body and not directed. It went to my right torso, probably the arm area. But was brilliant and blissful. Continued and maybe went generally to left too. I did alternate nostril breathing. Thinking it was a wholeo pattern (??). Looked around at the dunes and saw that the crystal sand is here.

Then thought about the 15 chakras learned about yesterday. There could be three more for me {in addition to my 12} as the peaks of the paths Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna (center). Saw them side by side, like white versions of those decorations made of crepe paper, comes like a fan, then opens to cut paper circle, like a 3-D doily. Then was breathing both ways at once. That is not the lung movement, but the movement of current. ... wonderful, establishing connection with farther and farther up. Made of light, turning both ways themselves. And when I can bring that knowledge down to any particular part of my body, just remembered something else, like breathing to my toes and soles of my feet on the sand.


The kinds of visions were a pulsing radiation of thick concentric bands, reminding me of that picture of me in the vibe-painted dress. Called inviteLt. Except except this was more like a target, with pale yellow and indigo bands alternating. Yet fuzzy cloud-like. Could see it as that central disk overhead in the Sushumna breathing, but in action from some center, maybe heart. Also overall spiraling both ways reminiscent of the stained glass helices in the God Cell in Wholly Developed Individual. Thought that mind wasn't the main actor here. Processes enjoying this walk, parts of me I don't know about through mind. Can't envision or put into words. Passing thought that maybe I'm not really an artist anymore. I'm just an arty mediator, a self-absorbed spectator. Maybe I should accept that Wholeo Dome was it and I don't have to diddle around. Interesting slant on me. I know it won't last. Somehow I feel it is important to get to something. Haven't reached it yet. And I use those artworks in my thoughts. If for no one else, I have to do it for me.

There was a time of land currents. Connecting with an electrical yet windy aura aspect of earth surface. Feeling my breathing not separate from that.


Felt energized when got down to the beach. I did the red and the blue and the twirlers overhead. Saw a crab, and obviously the tide is coming in, filling up the tire tracks. I felt like there were little cages, like icosahedrons (the model I have) (video of a creature going down in the sand, blub blub blub). Seems like I saw them (the cages) tumbling around. ... can't understand. Like maybe that's what cleans the plaque off. ... What to do with the plaque? Expanding consciousness. Bringing the higher chakras down to reinforce the lower ones. That was a key insight.

Expanded the consciousness to be really 5D, to icosidodecahedron. 5D brain cells. Question of what to do with the plaque, ... stuck in the blood vessels, So tumble them down like grains of sand, like dream of crystals. Maybe plaque is supposed to be wisdom crystals. We need to develop how to use it.

I forgot to mention the thoughts about the fables and persistent stories in our time of sci fi and kids programs, about the quest for some magical object that has been imbued with powers to be conferred on the person that uses it right, knows what to do with it. This breathing and plaque story has all those aspects. Of heroic journey, avoiding the self-interested enemies of your quest and finally daring to follow your guidance, getting mystical help along the way, and saving something important at the end.


I walked at Santa Clara access on one of those blue sky, white beach, and turquoise water days. When breathed in to circulation, thought of expanded consciousness and crystals. Like feeding these crystals out into surroundings. When looked to water saw a dolphindolphin (black dot). Curiously passing by, just when my vision the deepest. Since that had happened before at Blessings Beach, it seemed like more than coincidence. Or it seemed like a marvelous coincidence worth celebrating.

So I began an exchange with the dolphin. Should say a dolphin exchange. Breathing in to expanded consciousness. Forming breath crystals. Exhaling these in exchange with dolphin. Seems like I was talking and listening in dolphin language. Feels like drumming with heart of feeling. It's located in the hug area. Under neck to under arms, through chest, even in middle of back. Just the whole area of wanting to communicate.


I'm a breathing walker or a walking breather. It seems that breath is my study and creativity. I did some alternate nostril. Some red/blue in/out to body parts. Went to toes and heels and pelvic crannies and sort of greeted and hung out within body. Envisioned the expansion of consciousness geometry. Somehow drawn to the omlulutet. Main feature of the day was to breathe in to noint joint, that I envision at chakra 1 sort of. Anyway, at the furthest reach of breath. Could there be breath chakras in addition to glandular chakras? Are there sort of pop up tets from prototet that are always there as the triangular matrix? It's that popping point that seems so mysterious. Is it just a matter of envisioning? Or is it envisioning and asking? Or is it bringing materials to bear, such as free crystallized plaque particles? Seems that there was a material aspect, which is what dolphins and creatures gather. That is the tets are the building blocks of the crystals. Thought that maybe prana is a transport mechanism. That it isn't just pure cosmic energy.

The whole morning was like that, like groping my way in the dark, achieving something but not knowing the context or having much clarity. Fumbling around. So I made tets.

seaweed labyrinthWhen I walked the spiral (which I couldn't see walking east, but did when walking back west. See a movie of the walk) I walked very slowly in. Needed to tranquilize and go within, like meditating. The farthest could go was facing west or SW. Looked down and the same shells there with maybe an addition. Thought that maybe I could bring a gift stone to center. When there had a powerful tet thought. Was it overhead or overall? Seems like I see both now, but not sure if that's the right memory. With maybe glowing white struts and an emerald thalo green core, in the tiny overhead one.

When walking out, walked fast and increasingly faster. It is counterclockwise going in and clockwise coming out.


me-emCirculation. Looked out and saw a dolphin, closer than usual, going on the same path as I am. Every time I look out now I don't see him. (It sounds like "em" that would be a nonsexual way to refer to an individual other than me. Me in reverse.) At first I had a kind of high, squeaky greeting. Shrieked wow. {I remember wondering some about why only see dolphin once, but sure that need to keep attention inner on the communication, rather than on outer forms. Feel exchange, give and take.} Feeling kind of vague red/blue circulation, heart opening.

crystal ballGoing to the noint joint. At my base, triangular base. My connection to a prototet (OMlulu prototet) ... A tet is zooming straight up. Got caught in top, looking almost like the old crystal ball in the NY Times Square New Year's celebration. Tet zooms out the many openings, distributed radially. Then the side chakras (13, 14) get some (tets) and recirculate and bombard back to the central crystal. So there are some (tets) at original speed and some at accelerated speed that are spinning left and right. Wow, feeling of giving.

Could see as left, right, and middle.

Ramp about location of spiral labyrinth. Describing design of a tet shrine {SW, whitewashed wall, Alys Beach type buildings} with triangular base two points in front, one in back Saw a cross on top which became a movie of all the different symbols. Then saw that from the dolphin's point of view and how it fits them, two tail fins side to side and the back fin the third strut. Ground doesn't mean anything for dolphins.

What's that triple spiral, a tetrahelix. Seems like any time see that pattern, can see that structure around it. {walking spiral} tmpahedron? ... spinning opposite way from my walk. The slower I go, the faster it goes. As I walked away from the spiral, one had formed on my left, coming out from the center, the two kind of keeping me company. I remember Leo's death dropping tets and that the ground work especially might be connected to that.

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