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OMlulu Prototet

rune #26

I've added a runesign to the 25 of Ralph Blum. The 26th runesign is called OMlulu Prototet. It is a triangle with a dot over the top. It stands for an undivided tetrahedron. To understand this idea, consider this:

I use a dot for the blank rune, 25, to stand for zero. It is an icon for a point. Actually a point cannot exist in our 3D world, so value of the runesign is effectively zero. The dot helps to determine if the stone is visible or if it is "sleeping" (upside-down) in the casting.

After the OMlulu Prototet rune came, I realized it stood for the undivided and so also the set of Hyper or Null numbers. (For more info, see this diagram from the book Zen and the Art of Dividing by Zero.) Also, it extends runes to whole number conceptualization capability. These numbers are divided by zero. In our world, even zero can only be divided by 1. It cannot be divided by itself, zero. This is a valuable concept and helps us deal with a range of concepts from Akashic records to Virtual Reality or virtual classes in programming.

In other words, a virtual class that has been defined gets rune #25, it is divided by one. But a virtual class that has simply been declared gets rune #26 and remains undefined.

The symbolism of the 26th rune, OMlulu Prototet, is a nascent tetrahedron. It is a prototype for a tetrahedron. The spacial side is undivided, in the form of the dot, which keeps the whole thing undivided. This adds to my notation of /0. If something at the bare minimum is the outside and inside tet, then taking away even one side would cause it to not exist. However, the created record of it could be maintained without manifestation. Call it OMlulu Prototet in honor of its inspiration.

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* Buckminster Fuller expands on the idea of generative tetrahedrons in the Synergetics books. For an imaginative vision of a tetrahedron generating, see UAU over water.

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