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Deer Lake Beach Spiral Labyrinth

Someone arranged seaweed in a spiral pattern on the beach at the westernmost extent of Deer Lake State Park. To me, it is Blessings Beach. I found the spiral on 2009-06-10, recorded on the journal notes page: Breathing for Health, June, 2009. Alternatively, see the QuickTime web or the QuickTime alternate version.

Thoughts to hold as you traverse the labyrinth

  1. "Do I have a focus? An issue? A question? Can I set an intention?" Stop the movie and reflect on your inner journey. "What do I need, want, aspire to, imagine or wonder?"
  2. Start the movie, keeping within the boundaries of your intention, wind your way inward, spiraling counterclockwise.
  3. At center stop. Spend time with your inner self and Gaia, earth mother. "Is my focus sharpened? Is my issue resolved? Is my question answered? Is my intention centered?"
  4. Start the movie, bringing what came to you out from center to your onward path, spiraling clockwise.
Later I found out that Deborah Kivett made this pattern. She considers that area a sacred space. Thank You!

On 2010-05-15: spiral labyrinth reappeared, updated, changed. It was slightly farther south and west at 30°18'07.8" N 86°05'00.2" W, going clockwise, with one less turn. There was a small CCW reverse spiral right at the entry. It was destroyed on May 20. See it on the Blessings Beach 2010 page.

On 2010-05-21 the park had extended the bird nesting area, roping it off just over and including the labyrinth, which was obliterated. But a new spiral had appeared bordering the inoutfall. It lasted a few days. Lines in the sand change. I added my experiences of it to the Blessings Beach 2010 page as numbers 6 and 7.

The background image is abstracted from sand lace (small, medium or large view). This white sand made of quartz crystals is gray or neutral when wet. See images, 2009 and Beach Blub, incoming wave life. Florida travel page or park.

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