Deer Lake Beach Water Spirals 2010

Come with me walking on the beach mornings in mid-May. Find and walk a spiral labyrinth. Awaken to a vision. Wonder at the connection of coastal dune lake to Gulf of Mexico. Open to blessings happening on what I know as Blessings Beach in Deer Lake State Park. Then see a change, a new spiral. Here are videos, this is Part 6:

  1. Spiral Labyrinth
  2. Flare Vision at the Center
  3. Walk in Colors
  4. First Contact - Coast Meets Dune Lake
  5. Inscription at the Inoutfall
  6. Water Spirals
  7. On May 21, shocked to see a new spiral in the edge of the inoutfall. I could not walk the previous labyrinth. Someone had driven over the bird nesting habitat and park rangers roped off the area, including the labyrinth. Someone had mixed the seaweed and sand to make the pattern unrecognizable. But the spiral path idea had evolved at water's edge. Again I have no idea who made it, or when.

    There were two paths into the sand from the water of the inoutfall. One came from the direction of Deer Lake, roughly north. The other came from the direction of the Gulf of Mexico in the south. Both spiraled in to the right or clockwise, interlocking yin-yang like in the center. In a sense, walking the spirals is to honor and experience the energy of the interconnection of these water bodies.

    Took the path from the lake turning to the right clockwise in to center, received a vision (see Emerald Eye Vision), then continued out to the left, counterclockwise towards the Gulf. At the end, I turned around and retraced steps. It was a little scary in the water since it was brown from lake runoff. What might be in the inner parts of the turns, trapped? Basically it felt like a holy baptism or washing of feet or a spiritual practice. Trust in the encounter. Guaranteed to get you turned around.

  8. Emerald Eye Vision at the Center

The background image is white sand made of quartz crystals that is gray or neutral when wet. See images, 2009 and Blessings Beach, 2010.

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