spiral labyrinth   Flare vision at the Center   Walk in Colors   Coast Meets Dune Lake   Inscription at the Inoutfall   water spirals   emerald eye vision

Blessings Beach 2010

Come with me walking on the beach mornings in mid-May. Find and walk a spiral labyrinth. Awaken to a vision. Wonder at the connection of coastal dune lake to Gulf of Mexico. Open to blessings happening on what I have known as Blessings Beach in Deer Lake State Park. Then see a change, a new spiral. Here are videos:

  1. Spiral Labyrinth
  2. Flare Vision at the Center
  3. Walk in Colors
  4. First Contact - Coast Meets Dune Lake
  5. Inscription at the Inoutfall
  6. Water Spirals
  7. Emerald Eye Vision at the Center

The background image is white sand made of quartz crystals that is gray or neutral when wet. See images, 2009 and Deer Lake Beach Spiral Labyrinth.

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