Flare Vision at the Center

Come with me walking on the beach mornings in mid-May. Find and walk a spiral labyrinth. Awaken to a vision. Wonder at the connection of coastal dune lake to Gulf of Mexico. Open to blessings happening on what I know as Blessings Beach in Deer Lake State Park. Then see a change, a new spiral. Here are videos, this is Part 2:

  1. Spiral Labyrinth
  2. Flare Vision at the Center - Stopping at the center of the spiral labyrinth, I accept the vision that comes. I saw red. I saw the circle. A chart. Almost day-glo. Light coming from the center. A flaming red, smearing out dynamically like a solar flare or flares, centered in almost like a knob, white with goldwork around the edge, maybe like a corona. There was an energy or message to this neon scarlet blaze. See below for artwork process.
  3. Second visit to labyrinth. Really asked my question as to the meaning of the scarlet rage.
    Hmm haven't thought of it that way before. Thought it was like sun flare, an activity perhaps with emotion but seen as intensity. But rage in the sense of seethingly intense emotion. Could be on edge of rage if ignored, bottled up, not used and allowed to come to fruition.

    And I got a kind of pattern in the center. Is it those polar coordinate charts I learned about in electronics where data appeared around the center. Smith chart? But it also had a pansy like character. And a feather bonnet character. Where I saw flares up, especially up to right, but also to left, sides, and down to right. The stunted area is down to left. Like kind of darker, black smudges. So I got that this was an indicator. {Note Castaneda Magical Passes energy prescription.}

    And used the mental red chart working on emanating the red energies down to left. Seems like I did get that warmed up and opened somewhat, lightening the blacks and enabling some feather strands. Felt good. Could it be like biofeedback vision?

    It's an intensity reader. It has blotches on it like feathers do sometimes. Reachout to points affect the opposite flaring. This is supposed to be reciprocal. But it seems I have gotten in the habit of powering from the lower left to points upper right connections of intensity.

    Walking Santa Clara beach access ramp, saw five pelicans flying to my left and back. Took it as an omen. Guides happen. Keep them undefined. Learned that points pump each other. Reaching out and contact lower left. Somehow gets power by crumpling in upper right. But mine had forgotten to be reciprocal to lower left, always powering upper right. Upper right not getting the contact high from lower left.

    In meditation group, the flare vision was not only 3D but more D (multidimensional). When I felt someone was screaming, felt that the diagram could balance it out.

    On June 21, the labyrinth was destroyed and roped off for nesting birds by the park. Someone had made another pattern of spirals by the waters edge of the inoutfall. Walking the new spirals, at center, another vision.

    Capturing the vision in artwork. Wow, got all the elements clustered. Just have to make them really reveal the vision. Pretty thrilled at the synergy. Motion (special effects software used with Final Cut Pro (FCP) for video post production) corona has that white button sun radient center. Photoshop CS4 (graphics software used with graphics tablet and presure sensitive pen) has the shapes and fluid brush lines so elegant, created in a flash of a second. The fills more ponderous, such a struggle. Some in Photoshop, some in Flash (animation software), some effects in FCP. I love the intensity and human fantasy reality of the vision, such a fleeting glimpse, the way they are. Heightening and adding zooming excitement to the experience, yet unclutchable, vanishing to be only a memory. Yet here able to stop and ponder on being centered in labyrinth.

    Will make a miniature shadow corona to be in the heart/gut of the shadow at the end. Maybe make a noise filter to granulate the natural enlarged shadow noise.

  4. Walk in Colors
  5. First Contact - Coast Meets Dune Lake
  6. Inscription at the Inoutfall
  7. Water Spirals
  8. Emerald Eye Vision at the Center

The background image is white sand made of quartz crystals that is gray or neutral when wet. See images, 2009 and Blessings Beach, 2010.

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