Dreamwork for May 24 1999

Dream: Machine for some purpose. A co-conspiritor.

detail In my yoga guidance for today, there is information about colored light being (CLB) language. For CLBs, it seems that the movement of color functions like words do for us. What if the words of my dream have color counterparts? Just occurred to me that I have two paths from my dreamwork dilema. Either 1.) say that I don't get it and wander off or 2.) act on my own guidance and say, this is how I get it. I choose the second alternative. So the CLB expression of the dream has to have movement. Just realized the severe limitations of paper and pencil journal work. Can't do multimedia! For movement, I can do animated gifs, so need to work in ImageReady and publish the result as a web page.

Now that I have an action to put my guidance into practice, I should go back and reread it, but I'm not. I'm documenting decisions. First is the size and shape of the working area. I get a default that is vertical. That fits with the machine, but unsure about co-conspiritor.

Second is how to show machine (decide on pencil tool) and coconspirator (brush tool). Each gets their own layer and color choices. I'll do three changes to show movement. Then I did three tween frames for each of the three, ending up with 12 frames in the animation.

It is extremely crude and very limited by the graphic software, but as good as I can do at the moment. It has some qualities that relate to the CLB color language. The machine speaks more in rectangles red/blue (oposing ends of spectrum and the beyond connection in magenta), and connections. The coconspiritor speaks more in rounds, transparency, and greens (yellow to cyan, neighboring side-related colors). Machine more abrupt and coconspiritor more subtle changes. I might have been projecting human preconception in the structure body tendency of the machine and the spirit flow gaseous quality of the coconspiritor. Guidance says to look more to the machine as the meaning of what is expressed and the coconspiritor as the actor, messager, deliverer, the syntax the poetry the verb and nouns. This is extremely hard to understand. But maybe doing this and trying to understand will prepare me for an actual encounter.

Another decision was that the machine art was cumulative over three layers. The coconspiritor could change completely over three layers. (layer 2 sphereized, layer 3 new). When I asked what this means I got "meow, moose, mice". It is something about relative size of a sound.

The file size is prohibitive, almost 600KB. But I made a detail in GB that is 50KB, to just preview it.

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