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On the year 2011, month July, day 27, I started weB log as follows.
Returning to wholeo.net from blogger, too distant to maintain, with a vacation-stored head and body full of colliding visions, let me present a new start to a Wholeo Blog.

It's about Rainbow Bridge following the Day Out of Time and the evolution of Elobeing as generators and Google+. Perhaps this stream of consciousness approach, which is so user-unfriendly and keeps me phenomenally unsuccessful, allowing me to never pander yet to be as obnoxiously self-vision centered as need be at the moment should be indexed here chronologically. Note to Laura Grenyo, the boss who in 1992 laid me off from my job as technical writer at Borland International, who told me that I involve people in my work when it is too rough and I need to provide a finished package for people to grasp. That insight has needled me ever since and I think, "how's this, Laura", whenever I manage to pull something together. In 2010, LinkedIn asked if I know Laura Grenyo and want to link up, which I did not pursue. So here goes nothing, as they say .... or said ...

This blog is one step up from my mostly private offline journal which is an ongoing hodge podge ramble only a tiny portion of which is online here. It is one step aside from the News and History entries which link to new work. In the blog I expand and add comments that don't fit anywhere else.

See weB log, weB log 2012, weB log 2013, weB log 2014, weB log 2015, 2016, 2017, and 2018.

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