Solstice sun at full moon time transmitting galactic light which the moon reflects back to earth  on 2018-12-22

Happy 2019!

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Listening to video clip made on DLSP trail walk. Talking about how inner iSuns spewed out rizines or thin black lines for interconnections to unknown sources.

Reading the Meg Benedict pages I saved for solstice. I resonate to this on 12:12:  When LIGHT is alive and activated in the holographic mind, our visualizations are projected into the quantum field, carrying the light with them. Photon light is the carrier of consciousness, the intelligent information that particulates into physical matter.


Did a "First Day Hike" at Topsail Hill Preserve State Park. Walked to the Gulf for a vision of the beach and coastal dune lake inoutfall. The sun emerged briefly, blessing our new year.

Realizing I'm an old crank. Cranky. Chafing at everything. Specifically thinking about new Facebook group which is for beautiful photos of this area. When I look into why I'm chafing, it goes to truth and content. I want a visions site to communicate, be a place to report experience. Not just enjoyable ones. This site seems like an ad. Does my Deer Lake group reflect that kind of journalistic value? It is not what is perceived as quality art I want, it is evolutionary art.

Wow there are mosquitos at my window in the morning. Wet year, bumper crop. I'll chafe at that any day.

Later I went to a movie about our corrupt government, followed by a late birthday-treat meal at a famous chef's restaurant with specially creative foods. What a variety of experiences ringing in this new year.


At 6AM CST joined a local group of people for World Peace Meditation, also called World Healing Day. People around the world in global meditation synchronized with 12:00 Greenwich Time. The annual event was started in 1986 so this is the 33rd anniversary of it.

We had a really good meditation, maybe a dozen of us. First the woman who has followed this meditation since 1986 told history and did some guided meditation to breathing, body, and others, elsewhere as usual. Then quiet meditation. For me about intensity. Feeling rapturous. Then we sang John Lennon's song, "Imagine". It was lovely. Always good with Dawn Brooks at Yoga Elements. The lake was glowing white with fog. As was the Gulf of Mexico.


In looking at pictures from a plant study, I realize I could do a much better job if it were database-served. For example, I wanted to see what all the plants looked like in August/fall, but to do that I had to look at the main page and click on each gallery, keeping the comparison in memory. Also I wanted to know the general info of one plant while in the gallery, but to do that I had to go to main and find a link there. To make my data usable I need a better way to access it, like on-demand stories. A search engine that works like my mind and a way of indexing items that serves it. Search, retrieve and serve.

More basic to state of Wholeo today is the inner sun. How that plays in the storyline of my movie. I had forgotten I called it iSun. Reading about this in blog, I'm stunned that I had lost the thread. Now reconnecting, reading on 7/1 that I could rotate around a fixed position, but now the myriad ones, in each cell maybe even, given greater powers of orientations. Does this mean that my iSuning evolved without my conscious participation? Somehow this seems a clumsy ill-researched thought. Not communicating with me or you correctly. Is iSuning different from iSunThesizing? The last mention of iSun in blog is on 9/4 associated with ISWC interspecies whole communication.

Now to search up to inner sun. Not mentioned until 2019. Thinking about this also, the cross of the coordinates. What is the difference between 0° E, 90° N, what ° W, -90° S coordinates and where there is 180°, 270°, and 360°, 720° . . .? One is polarity and the other is a spiral? There are many coordinate systems. I guess I create my own with the cross. The solstice axis is the Z. Thought I would Photoshop a quickie. But making breakfast, did some tries in Doing sketchbook. My idea too fuzzy, I guess and can't bridge the gap between wishing and showing.


Plumber is coming today so I won't have as much time as I would like to focus on the solstice experience. I'll do some preliminary work on the Outer Solstice 2018 page. How about camping at Imbolc, a cross quarter observance on February 2 or midway between solstice and equinox. It can be too hot for comfort in Florida in March on the Advance Equinox.


I'm appropriating the cross as the map or calendar of the solstices and equinoxes. I know how it feels to have a general symbol attached to a specific subset. I felt I had lost the symbol of the rainbow of wholeness to the Gay Lib movement in the last century. Only now am I getting the sense that when a group does that, it expands the umbrella of the symbol to be more inclusive. So when I use the cross, I'm not taking from or diminishing the Christian use of the cross. I am at once reminding that the cross was universal symbol before Christ and I am stating that it works for the quarterly events of the year.

Inner sun, iSun, is now replicated cell-wide. I wrote of experiencing something like this some time during the retreat. But it now is reaffirmed.


In the morning I videoed my entire carolyoga session on the new yoga mat. Then packed up ready to leave by checkout time.

With another friend, bicycled and walked to the same area as yesterday. I laid down on the ground and slept. There is nothing like waking up in nature on the ground. Connections of the solstice completed.


Awake at midnight. When the sky cleared, I had to do photos. Realized the moon was straight up and was not going to shine into the porch. So I put the yoga mat out on the grass. Then followed at least two yoga/photo sessions. Could not see anything with GoPro camera so used Sony.

It is now 3AM. I loved the shoulder stand with feet in the stars, lit by the moon. I loved being out there. So quiet. Moonlight. So did some movies with the camera handheld to try to get that feet-up-in-sky feeling. Looked at that footage and couldn't see me in dark clothes. Redid shoulder stand in white clothes.

In the morning I rented a bicycle. I love bicycling. Especially coasting. Kind of a dynamic solsticing.

At full moon time near noon, sun will be highest in sky (of the day but lowest of that point of the year) so GC through earth. If face away from sun (or toward), my shadow should be aligned with the sun and Galactic Center (GC). The shadow actually extending towards outer galaxy and full moon. I wish I could be on the Fuller Yoga Mat. Make it so. I meditated before doing the yoga solstice practice at the time the moon was full.

With a friend in the afternoon I bicycled and walked along a lake in the part of the park I haven't been before. We saw elegant dwarf cypress trees in a unique wetland.


It is rainy, cloudy and very windy. In a large indoor room, I took video of the "to solstice" yoga pose. In five different costumes I tried the five angles toward the pentagons to see which one best conveyed the sun-standing-still feeling. Brimming with "to Solsticey" happiness at 9AM.

I am so loving having windows all around. It seems so important to me. Do not know how to solve it. I think it goes back to 1962. I had used my Ford Foundation purchase prize to fly to see my parents in Ventura, California. I stayed in the remodeled garage where I did a painting of the ocean. Mother told me that several local women had been attacked by leaving windows open. Men got in on the ground floor. After that I was always conscious of window location, how easily accessed. How to shut off view with curtains. 56 years of fear and intimidation. Can I possibly recover from that?

I sat and meditated for the solstice in the afternoon sitting in the bay window that mimics and shows the path of the sun from dawn to dusk. Pointing at the sunset area that is windy and cloudy and dark at sunset. This sure has been a stopped day. No walking. Just planning. Half goofed up my carefully crafted video of solstice. For some unknown reason, the video was less than a second. By the time I noticed the LCD screen was dark, and knew something was wrong, I wasn't willing to break my pose.

Such a rapturous meditation. I honestly do feel like an enhanced human being. Comet dart-shaped sparks coating my innards, informing them. Is it something like being rural and then becoming a city? Populated. But without ruining the environment.

I found out that I needed 5D structure. So brain cells need overall structure. Plan. Chart. But it seemed like there were kind of these darts. A kind of light that it's not any light that I know about. We call it light but it's some kind of energy. Because I had no agenda it went into my heart, my lungs, my gizzard and thalamus. And all these parts (!!!). Somehow added to with a layer of crystalline solstice light. That will expand their consciousness and functionality. It is a question of doing. And yet it was by doing nothing that this could happen. {Deep breath}

Oh, there was a breathing. I could see that it went down. Down below my feet and . I mean it was not, not physical I guess. On a really specific term, I need to sit up straighter, put my shoulders back. That opens up the lungs. {Two deep breaths.} Breathing. Mostly it's a kind of happy intensity. It is between gratitude and less forceful, just being thankful. You're not thankful for any particular thing. You're just meditating. But there's this moment. Moment. That I think is so transforming. It is really worth attention to that moment. Nothing else. Just it. Wind blowing trees. Bird singing.

I do yoga in a room with view of sky to the south. I see a star and Mars. I am obsessed with the notion that the moonlight contains more galactic light than sunlight, since it is facing GC and reflecting sunlight coming from the direction of GC. But the sky is overcast.


Rainy on wakeup. Looking at journal, photos and video from the inner solstice on 6-21. Good info in blog and retreat page. Especially connecting with the inner sun, iSun. Looking at a video taken at 5AM, marveling at the birdsong chorus. Got the idea to update the galactic alignment diagram.

Danced and drummed with a healing drum group before going on my outer solstice retreat. In the cabin's screened-in porch I tried to determine the paths of the sun and moon in the cloudy sky.

'To Solstice' position on Fuller Dome Yoga Mat on the porch at Outer Solstice 2018 retreat in cloudy 50° weather

Quarter Days

Some of these might appear chronologically if there are relevant comments.

2019-03-20 Advance Equinox or March equinox - March 20 at 4:58PM CDT (Full moon at 8:42PM)

2019-06-21 Inner or June solstice - June 21 at 10:54AM CDT

2019-07-25 Day out of Time - July 25. Day Out of Time

2019-09-23 Follow Equinox or September equinox - September 23 at 2:50AM CDT

2019-12-21 Outer Solstice or December solstice - December 21 at 10:19PM CST

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