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wholeOOnward, announcements 3

The latest announcement is first, the rest of the messages are history. This is edition 3 of the announcement pages. Each announcement is the overflow from a weekly note from a News and History page. It is for news that doesn't fit there. Announcements are more important or they just need more space to explain. The date here is a link back to the related heading in the News and History page.

2019-03-13 5-year plan

Alternatively, see YouTube movie source page. What the movie says:

5-Year Plan for Wholeo 2024

Produce a full-length Wholeo Movie

Stop posting on the web including and social media, except to tweak the teaser movie

Make a clear, definitive experience of Wholeo, the visionary guidance, essence, and the all.

See Wholeo Onward, announcements 1 and announcements 2.

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