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wholeOOnward, announcements 2

The latest announcement is first, the rest of the messages are history. This is edition 2 of the announcement pages. Each announcement is the overflow from a weekly note from a News and History page. It is for news that doesn't fit there. Announcements are more important or they just need more space to explain. The date here is a link back to the related heading in the News and History page.

2019-03-13 See announcements 3 for update.

SSL certificate for https, secure Internet

2018-05-18 Moved to SSL

With SSL, browser connections to the server are secure. The internet address changed from to The domain continues to point to This is effective on May 19, 2018. I hope this process does not break many links to or from or prevent people from visiting the site.

2017-02-15 Changing the description of wholeO Onward.

For awhile I've known that Wholeo was evolving from the original search for the whole self. For the beginning of the 21st year publishing this website, I'm paying attention to Attention. I'm beginning to modify the description of wholeO Onward. In fact I need an About page with info that got lost in changing from Wholeo Online. Here is the changed brief description:

Awareness glowwholeO Onward is dedicated to Awareness, including Wholeo Online which was devoted to the search for the whole self, the Whole O, pronounced 'holy O.' The site includes visual art and writing about Caroling, Trips, Lookout, and Color. A catalog and presentation of Caroling's lifework continues to be under construction. There is an exhibit of Wholeo, the stained glass dome.

2016-12-21 Changed from Wholeo Online to wholeO Onward.

On July 2, 2016 I got guidance without a warning or premonition, a stunning message. WholeOOnwarD or wholeOOnward . I got that I have to forgo these seasonal, planetary, spacial things that have been so dear to me. I thought that the only way to channel now is to do it through color band frequency and size. By December 21, 2016, I haven't lived up to it. I still value solstice, equinox, and my local on-the-ground life. But I do have to design a whole new website portal. First 20 years: 1997-2016. 2017 onwards. Technologies I used, such as Flash and QuickTime are now obsolete. No more seasonal calendars. No old artwork. If want to add some, put it in the old part.

I need something so simple. I need to look at my website on my phone and make sure that works well. I could enter through the Noint Joint and have the new site on top for wholeO Onwards! Below, a choice for Wholeo Online 20. I made a new whologo with the tree sap expansion (or gleam) over shaman seed. On Dec. 21, 2016, Wednesday, the start of the Wholeo year, the altered, not-yet-new site debuts.

Considering changing to blog-oriented interface. Post whenever feel like it. I am taking a year trial of that policy for the weB log. See how it works for my work and my psyche and the site. If everything is linked from blog, there would be no need of a separate what’s new or weekly images (which I obviously still have). Streamlining. I could make links from the categorized and topical old site though. Or to and from.

See Wholeo Online, announcements 1 and announcements 3.

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